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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fables #98 (Vertigo/DC)

"Rose? You're out of bed!"~Snow White

Writer/Creator: Bill Willingham
Penciller: Mark Buckingham
Inkers: Steve Leialoha & Dan Green
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Todd Klein
Cover: Joao Ruas

Associate Editor: Angela Rufino
Editor: Editor

Comic Book Week: September 22, 2010

Unfortunately Kara's Comic this week is a little bit of a default.......there was not really anything I loved. But I have a little bit of a crush on Fables since it started so here is "Red Dawn: Chapter Five of Rose Red".

Fables if you have never heard of it is all about all the characters from the all the stories you have ever read. They are all real and were chased into the real world by Gepetto (of Pinnochio) who became an evil dictator in the fable world. The characters that looked like people lived in a neighbourhood of New York called Fabletown and the animals-like pigs and mice and horses and dragons-lived at the Farm in upstate New York. They eventually overthrew Gepetto & he now lives with them while an evil character called the Dark Man.......who is kind of like the Boogeyman.......has driven the human fables out of Fabletown and everyone is now on the Farm. The leader of the Farm is Rose Red, Snow White's sister (Snow White now being married to the Big Bad Wolf), who has been in a depression for what seems like centuries because she fell in love with Little Boy Blue who was killed defeating Gepetto. *whew!*

So last issue Rose came out of her funk and this issue she asserts her authority and prepares to defeat the Dark Man.

That all seems complicated but really it's a summary of 98 issues so its really not that bad. But the backstory has started to get a little bit overwhelming. The story looks to finally start moving now that Rose seems to be back to her old self which is a badgirl with a heart of gold.

The art and colors and letters have been consistently good since the beginning of the series with a feel like a children's story........sketchy linework with an almost watercolor palette except a little darker like the stories grew up.

The covers are always pretty with a painted ethereal feel to them.

And the characters are always fun........imagine for instance the 3 little pigs smoking & drinking & cussing! ツ

Hopefully next month I can get back on track & write a little bit more but for now........

RATING: 6 roses out of 10

As always thanx for reading! ツ*

& you may or may not have heard........Fables is being developed as a TELEVISION SERIES! But it's not far enough along for a trailer so watch this instead!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Zatanna #5 (DC)

arrataZ annataZ~"!naicigam a egatspu ot yrt reven dluohs uoy yhw si TAHT dnA"

Writer: Paul Dini
Penciller: Chad Hardin
Inker: Wayne Faucher
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Colorist: John Kalisz
Assistant Editor: Chris Conroy
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Cover: Stephane Roux/Karine Boccafuso
Variant Cover: Brian Bolland

(Zatanna created by Gardner Fox)

Comic Book Week: September 15, 2010

Kara's Comic this week is "Double or Nothing"......issue #5 of the new Zatanna series and the middle part of the current story arc. In it a casino owner has to try to get Zee to marry him in order to sacrifice her to a demon and give him immortality. And Zee's cute cousin Zacahary Zatarra (from the Teen Titans with powers similar to Zee's) also makes an appearance.

Oh! In case you don't know, Zatanna (Zatarra) is a magician who can pretty much do anything by just saying here words backwards. Its hard to read but its simple to describe which is good. And she's generally a really cool competent smart chic! I like her! Even if she does dress kindof trampy....... :(

So Zee is pretty much all powerful as long as she can talk so all of her stories pretty much center around the villains trying to take her voice away. So they can be very formulaic but that can be comforting......like Scooby Doo! ツ

Dini tells an okay story, although I preferred the first arc. The cover is very pretty (the variant too! see this? http://www.comixology.com/previews/JUL100188/1/). Unfortunately it kindof detracts from the interior art which is nice but does not quite meet the same level. (and the letters & color are nice too!)

Sorry this week is short but........

RATING: !01 fo tuo tah a morf )❤( seinnub 6 ;)

p.s. This website mite help read this week's review! http://www.bored.com/writebackwards/

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Batgirl #14 (DC)

"Hopefully you won't--*hurk*--hold this against me."~Batgirl (Steph Brown)
"That's what she said."~Supergirl (Kara Zor-el/Linda Lang)

Writer: Bryan Q. Miller
Penciller: Lee Garbett
Inker: Trevor Scott
Colorist: Guy Major
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover: Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Editors: Michael Siglain & Sean Ryan

(Batman created by Bob Kane)

Comic Book Week: September 8 (9), 2010

Kara's comic starts this week with an old joke..........that still makes me giggle! lol!

The story, "Terror in the Third Dimension", is also a throwback to one of the first comic books I remember reading (it was old at the time) which was a teamup between Batgirl & Supergirl. Neither one was the same characters that they are now but both stories were just a lot of fun!

I forget what happened in the old comic but in this one the two ladies teamup to take on an army of Draculas pulled straight out of an old 3D movie by a scientific accident. As with all the stories of a bat & a super character there needs to be some catch that makes the super powers ineffective & in this case it has something to do with hard light. But other than that rather silly premise we get some fun interaction between the two characters that seems true to two 19ish girls just spending some girltime together. The fight with Dracula is secondary but just as fun. And the art, color and letters are all top notch.........although I must say that I really luved the cover! :-) But it made me expect to find 3D glasses inside! :-( Not to say that it was bad but in the interest of not seeming to biased I would have to say that the inking on the inside was the weakest part of the book. But really this was just a great girls night out oneshot and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

RATING: 7 ½ cool retro 3D glasses out of 10!

Thanx again for reading! ツ❤

Here is the Batgirl theme!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #2 of 9 (Marvel)

"Sure, when Magneto says it, you believe it."~Wiccan (Billy)

Writer: Allan Heinberg
Penciller: Jim Cheung
Inker(s): Mark Morales with Jim Cheung
Colorist: Justin Ponsor
Letters: VC's Cory Petit
Associate Editor: Lauren Sankovitch
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada
Publisher: Dan Buckley
Executive Producer: Alan Fine

Comic Book Week: September 1, 2010

Okay so Kara's comic this week is part 2 of a 9 part limited series that may or may not bring the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)-whom I love-back into the Marvel U after she kindof disappeared in the "House of M" limited series. It stars the Young Avengers who are like the Tiny Toons or Teen Titans or Muppet Babies of the Avengers. Two of them may or may not be the twin sons of the Scarlet Witch, a mutant witch, and the Vision, a synthetic man sort of like a robot and now a teammate of his potential sons (sortof). The twins were originally supposedly imagined into existence by the Scarlet Witch and then absorbed back into Mephisto, Marvel's version of the devil (*scary!*). Then Scarlet Witch went crazy and the twins showed up as identical teenagers with 2 different sets of parents but the same first names and looking just like their grandfather Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr) as noted in this issue by Luke Cage of the New Avengers. The 1st, the quoted Wiccan, has the same powers as his potential mother , and the other, Speed (Tommy), has superspeed like the Scarlet Witch's brother Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff). Tommy & Billy are joined on the team by Teddy's boyfriend (he is gay just 2 clear things up) Hulkling (Teddy), who is not related to the (or any!) Hulk but is actually the son of the Avenger Captain Marvel (Captain Mar-Vell) & a Skrull princess; the aforementioned Vision, who is now a teenaged robot; Vision's girlfriend Stature (Cassie), daughter of the second Ant-Man (Scott Lang), who can shrink & grow; team leader Hawkeye (not that Clint Barton Hawkeye, Kate Bishop Hawkeye.......no relation), who has a bow & arrow & a staff & some other weapons; and her boyfriend Patriot (Eli), who is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, who was the original African American Captain America.

*whoa!* Out of breath! *gasp!*

So unless you have not figured out the Young Avengers are basically a soap with cheesie names. And in this issue they are joined by Magneto to find the Scarlet Witch at Wundagore Mountain where she was born. And then the New Avengers try to stop them because they think Magneto's still a bad guy but he says he's not. Then Quicksilver shows up & they seem to find Wanda very quickly. And then there's a quick appearance by one of the few bigger bad guys there are than Magneto. And Billy demonstrates that he's gay by making everyone dress as the Von Trapp family.......that just seemed odd. O,o

The artwork is magnificent! The story's pretty good if really decompressed. The letters & colors are pretty. What I just do not understand is the way the characters talk. While the Young Avengers seem in character based on what little I know of them, the other characters just do not seem in character. Magneto seems to be more of a kindly grandpa who may have done something bad in the distant past. Wolverine (a New Avenger) seems more cold, calculating and almost villainous than he should. Ms.Marvel and Spider-Man (also New Avengers) seem to have reversed personalities if not memories (and yah.......that's weird! O,o).

I hope the story picks up 2 months from now (it's bimonthly, btw!)........because its honestly too complicated to make up for its strong points.

RATING: 6 ½ good Wandas out of 10

Thanks 4 reading guys! ツ*