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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cinderella-Fables Are Forever #6 (Vertigo/DC)

"Bigby may have HIS rules of combat, but I've come up with a few of my OWN over the years. And the one that seems to apply in these circumstances is Cinderella's first rule. 'If the shoe FITS, it's YOURS, baby.'"~Cindy

writer: Chris Roberson
artist: Shawn McManus
colors: Lee Loughridge
letters: Todd Klein
consultant: Bill Willingham
cover: Chris Zullo
asst. editor: Gregory Lockard
editor: Shelly Bond

(Fables is created by Bill Willingham)

Comic book week: July 26th, 2011

Kara's comic this week is the last part of the current Cinderella series. :(

& the last words in this comic are "the end?" Please please please please please please Mr Roberson write more! Cindy (Cinderella of the fables.........natch! ;b) is a secret agent working for the big bad wolf (Bigby............get it? Big. B.? lol!) that is a lot like James Bond. But Cindy dresses better & has better taste in shoes...........which plays in to the story soooooo well! Roberson's story is just a super fun spy battle between Cindy & Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! How can you not like that! X))

The story got a little bit slower in the middle than the previous story did but picks up in this ish..........the largest fault is that it left me wanting more & not sure if I will get it! :`(

The art work is simple & uncomplicated but tells the story soooooo well while the cover looks like it comes straight off of a 1st edition of the brothers Grimm!

I just can not say how highly I recommend this book! Buy the tpb.........trade paper back natch! ;b

RATING: 8½ silver slippers out of 10!!!!

& here is a preview of Cindy`s bff Snow White in her new movie! ツ*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain America #1 (Marvel)

"Why...Dum Dum Dugan...dis you just go all sappy on us?"~Sharon Carter

writer: Ed Brubaker
penciller: Steve McNiven
inker: Rags Morales
colorist: Justin Ponsor
letterer & production: VC's Joe Caramagna
cover art: McNiven, Morales & Ponsor
variant covers: John Romita Sr., Joe Sinnott & Val Staples; Neal Adams & Justin Ponsor, Olivier Coipel
associate editor: Lauren Sankovitch
editor: Tom Brevoort
editor in chief: Axel Alonso
chief creative officer: Joe Quesada
publisher: Dan Buckley
executive producer: Alan Fine
(Captain America created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby)

Comic book week: July 13th, 2011

This week Kara's comic is "American Dreamers Part 1" or the restart of Captain America again after I do not think too long since the last Captain America #1. Mostly it is to show off Mister McNiven's signature on the cover! ;) Cool beans rite?

Steve McNiven is a fabulous artist & let me say a really nice guy!

So yah I can not criticize the art.........& that includes the inking & the coloring.........this comic is gorgeous!

& Ed Brubaker always tells an engrossing story & stand alone this story is a lot of fun...........in it Steve Rogers is becoming Captain America again after the events of Fear Itself have caused Bucky Cap to go away..........I do not want to spoil it if you have not read it! & Steve & Sharon Carter........his gf & Shield partner..........& Nick Fury are attending Sharon's aunt Peggy's funeral in Paris, France, when they are ambushed. & the story goes on from there with flash backs to Steve & Peggy during world war 2.

So this comic book is fabulous! But it just seems hurt by what seems to be such a like stop & go plot with Steve kindof starting as Captain America anew at the start of the last series & then dying & Bucky becoming Cap & Steve coming back to life to be like a new Nick Fury & then Bucky going away & Steve becoming Cap again! *gasp!*

& that is the 2nd time this week I lost all my breath after writing in all those creators at the start! 8O

Okay so I want to end with a good thing so I will just say I am really looking forward to Chris Evans in "Captain America: The First Avenger" this week end! ;9 ............he looks sooooooo hot! ♥

RATING: 7 Chris Evans out of 10!!!!!

& you better have read Detective Comix too! ;*) xoxoxoxoxox

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Good ☺ , The Bad ☹ & The Ugly ☠ !

Hi! I wanted to try some thing a little bit different for Comic book week July 6th, 2011, so I have picked 3 comix that I read last week as the good & the bad & the ugly! Let me know if you like this format or not!

Oh & there might be some little spoilers so read at your own risk! lol! ;))

Secret Six #35 (DC)

writer: Gail Simone ( ♥ )
artist: J. Caliafiore
colorist: John Kalisz
letterer: Travis Lanham
cover: Daniel LuVisi
assistant editor: Ricky Purdin
editor: Rachel Gluckstern

"Caution to the Wind Part One of Two"

Although this ish is the good this week it is also the bad & the ugly that it is the 2nd to last issue of the series. :'(

I have written repeatedly that I ♥ this comic! & the best part this month is new character King Shark!

i reeeeeeallie would ♥ to know the tune 2 know his fishie tune! :)

The art work is dark & disturbing.........the story is funny & twisted..........& the characters are vile & hate full..........& I am sooooooo going to miss it! X'O

RATING: 9 goods out of 10!          ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☹

Fear Itself #4 of 7 (Marvel)

creators: Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, Laura Martin, Chris Eliopoulos, Lauren Sankovitch, Tom Brevoort, Axel Alonso, Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley & Alan Fine

"Chapter 4: Worlds On Fire"

The bad this week was not very bad...........I very much enjoyed this ish! It was my favorite issue of the comic  up to now! The art work is beautiful & the story is starting to come to a point...........although it seems to be a little bit overly complicated............I am not sure that 7 chapters were really required to tell it but it has been good enough that I will probably continue to read it to the end.

As part of that story, though, we...........& I am sorry but here is where there may be a spoiler!...........see Tony Stark / Iron Man........... ♥ RDJ ♥ .............travel to Asgard to convince Odin...........the father of the mighty Thor...........to not destroy Earth. Since Tony is only a human............barely worth the notice of the king of the gods...........he tries to gain Odin's attention by the sacrifice of his dignity & integrity by giving up his sobriety & drinking a bottle of wine in front of Odin. It is a moment that is meant to be moving & full of meaning in a story that is to be full of fear.........a story that was fulfilling its task to me quite well until a read the label on the bottle.............

i reallie like the horns on the helmet dont u? 9,9

For those of you who do not know there is a classic Iron Man story called "Demon In A Bottle" by David Michelinie & Bob Layton & John Byrne & Carmine Infantino. It is all about Tony Stark battling alcoholism which is of course the reason this scene is to be very poignant...........you can read about the story here.........but to me...........& you may disagree with me.............the humor of naming the wine "Démon Dans Une Bouteille"...........which is french for demon in a bottle..........made me chuckle at the wrong time. If the bottle had been not been made larger to clearly show the label then I may have been calling this Kara's comic this week. :(

RATING: 6 bads out of 10!           ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

izombie #15 (Vertigo/DC)

writer: Chris Roberson
artist & cover: Michael Allred
colors: Laura Allred
letters: Todd Klein
assistant editor: Gregory Lockyard
editor: Shelly Bond

(iZOMBIE created by Roberson & Allred)

"Going Down"

izombie is sooooo much fun every month! Michael Allred is a legend & the art work is both contemporary & classic..........telling the story & being fun & powerful all at the same time! & between this comic book & Cinderella Chris Roberson is 1 of my favorite writers! The characters are engaging & the story............of Gwen the zombie that only eats the brains of dead people but gains their memories............is very unique & entertaining! In fact the new back up story of The Dead Presidents..........who seem to be kind of like Fringe style para normal investigators who may really be dead United States presidents possessing bodies...........may even be more fun than the main story! & the 2 are now even clearly coming together!

So why do I call this comic ugly? Look at the zombies!!!!!!!!!! lol!

yuckie! XP
............but Spot the were terrier is sooooo cute! & actually Amon Ra the other 'not face melted' zombie kind of hot..............

RATING: 9 uglies out of 10!         ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ✿

*mwah!* ツ*

Monday, July 4, 2011

Scott Snyder Bogo 2!!!! 8O

With the recent news that DC was going to re start their super hero universe making me sad ( :( ) I have found a bright spot! One week a month will not have to be all about my devotion to Mr. Scott Snyder! lol! ;)

Comic book week: June 29th, 2011..............

Detective Comics #878 (DC)

"Practicing my backstroke. Now ask Tiger Shark why he killed Evelyn Marr?"~Dick Grayson (♥!)

writer: Scott Snyder
artist & cover: Jock
colors: David Baron
letters: Sal Cipriano
assistant editor: Katie Kubert
associate editor: Janelin Asselin
editor: Mike Marts

(Batman created by Bob Kane)

I have 5 men in my life..........my father, my boy friend, Dick Grayson, Jock & Scott Snyder! 9,9

& this makes me very jealous of Katie Kubert & Janelle Asselin since they get to work with 3 of them every month! >:( (lol!)

This the 3rd & final part of "Hungry City" where Dick as the new & I wish on going Batman must find the killer of Evelyn Marr..........assistant to Sonia Branch..........the daughter of Tony Zucco who killed Dick's parents. & we get to see more of Jimmie Gordon........son of Commissioner Gordon and half brother of Barbara Gordon............the once Oracle & future Batgirl.

This story is funny & genius & disturbing & just uh!!!!!!!!! Buy the tpb..........trade paper back natch!...........I do not want to spoil any thing!

Look at the cover! Jock does the art work in side as well & it is just as lavish! It is very Vertigo sort of work but will appeal more to the straight forward super hero fan. & the colors are absolutely gorgeous! I think that Jock & Mister Baron could easily create a wonderful new world if they became the art team on the new Aquaman title!............the villain in this ish is Tiger Shark & much of it is under water btw!

& after all of this fabulous art work & story telling & Dick ( ! ) I still felt that I should not make this Kara`s comic again............until the last page took my breath away! I think that the only thing that could have possibly drawn me in more would have been a full page spread of Dick looking deep in to my eyes & saying, "Kara...........come away with me! Run along the Seine in the moon light with me & I will buy you all the diamonds & Loubis & the sweetest champagne & the darkest swiss chocolate that you desire!"

I am sorry but I need a glass of water! 

RATING: 9½ Nightwings out of 10!

American Vampire #16 (Vertigo/DC)

"You have to play like you're playing your last gig. Every time. Play like death is at your side, her cold chin on your shoulder, because she's exactly the girl your trying to take home."~Henry Jones

writer: Scott Snyder
art & cover: Rafael Albuquerque
colors: Dave McCAIG
letters: Pat Brousseau
assistant editor: Joe Hughes
editor: Mark Doyle

(American Vampire created by Snyder & Albuquerque)

The only way that I can really describe "Ghost War Part 4" is ladies please have your id ready! Dick Grayson is for the girls but Skinner Sweet is for the women! Even with the final page of Detective Comix!

But really the star of the book is actually Pearl Jones who only appears on 1 page!

Pearl & Skinner are the American Vampires & they are suddenly in the middle of world war 2 in Taipan. Pearl's husband Henry & Skinner have been taken prisoner by the Japanese & Pearl is a little bit up set! & there are new vampires that are some how tied to the Japanese & they may be stronger than Pearl & Skinner...........there! Hop in!

This is a war story & a vampire story but it is soooooooo much more! Rafael's art work is very dark & disturbing but it draws you in much like True Blood...........but much more Eric than Bill. & Pearl is Sookie Stackhouse but only the strong side!

If super heros are a power fantasy for boys then American Vampire is very much the same for girls!............oopsie! I mean WOMEN! & so for the rating once again...............

RATING: 9½ Nightwings out of 10!

*hugs&kisses!* ツ*