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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Arcadians #1 (Wild River Studios)

"Quite impressive, is it not, Milady?"~Dionysius

Comic Book Week: August 25, 2010

Sorry! I just ran out of time this week! I feel really bad so hopefully this makes up for it.......it's my boyfriend's comic book, issue #1. I have been thinking about maybe having a contest for somebody to win a copy of it. There are only 76 copies in all & he is VERY talented (lol) so it will be VERY valuable someday in my not so humble opinion! ツ

It would be limited to probably continental North America because I have no idea what postage might cost otherwise.......but I am not sure how to judge it. If you have any suggestions let me know! You can tweet me @SupergirlofArgo or friend me on facebook (SupergirlofArgo) or leave a comment here........have not figured out the best way to give out my email address yet but you can find it in either of those 2 places.

And since I am a little biased I don't feel right reviewing it so lets say Kara's comic this week is DC's "Legacies" #4 (of 10). It is a fun little retro biweekly that is worth the read.......and its got short-shorts Dick Grayson ( :9 ♥ ) on the cover!

Sorry to disappoint! I hope to get back on track next week! :( xoxoxoxo!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The New Avengers #3 (Marvel)

"Do you see me skimping out on the nervous patter that covers up the fact that I've wet myself because it looks like we've been replaced as the dominant species on the planet?!"~Peter Parker, the Spectacularly Amazing Spider-Man

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Stuart Immonen
Inker: Wade von Grawbadger
Colorist: Laura Martin
Letters & Production: Chris Eliopoulous
Associate Editor: Lauren Sankovitch
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Joe Quesada
Publisher: Dan Buckley
Executive Producer (what! really? ~8-O): Alan Fine

Comic Book Week: August 18th, 2010

I have said before that I am not the biggest Marvel fangirl but I do mostly like the Avengers titles. Of course since Brian Michael Bendis writes all of them they are all pretty much the same. 9,9



He is good with the dialogue and the characters and has been doing better mixing up the pacing of the stories........but there is ALWAYS that back and forth 'jibba-jabba' ( ツ ) that can be funny........just it is ALWAYS there.

The artwork is fantastic.......I have also said that I LUV Stuart Immonen (sorry Kathryn ;-) ) and von Grawbadger, Martin & Eliopoulous just enhance the fabulous look of this book!

The current issue is part three of the new opening storyarc where Dr. Strange and Daimon Hellstrom (those go to the characters' wikis btw cause I know a lot of you might not know who Daimon Hellstrom Son of Satan is.........scary!...........especially! ~8-( ) are possessed by the mystery villain, who wants Dr. Voodoo's (the recently annointed Sorcerer Supreme) Eye of Agamotto. He (Voodoo) sends it to Luke Cage, leader of The New Avengers (dum-diddee-DUM!), since they are apparently old friends! And so the fight begins!

The pretty cover I have shown is the variant edition by Immonen and part of Marvel's weird celebration of the "Women of Marvel"........not that I do not approve it just seems very out of the blue! ':-\

The story & art as I have said are great.

I like the characters, who are, besides Luke......or Power Man as he used to be called; Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers-Marvel's version of Supergirl (I guess?), who is to Captain Marvel what Supergirl is to Superman sortof; Jewel/Jessica Jones-Luke's significant other with powers pretty similar to Ms. Marvel (she's kindof of a 'made up' character......like Dawn from Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Mockingbird/Bobbi Morse-athlete/scientist/spy who in only two issues seems to have replaced her ex-husband Hawkeye on the team; Spider-Man/Peter Parker-okay, like do not try to tell me you do not know who Spider-man is okay?; Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett-again really?; The Thing/Ben Grimm-big rocky member of the Fantastic Four; Iron Fist/Danny Rand-former partner of Luke & a kung fu guy with an.......iron fist.......also he does not show off his chest anymore like in his wiki (poop! :-( ); and 'administrative assistant' (I guess?) Victoria Hand-former assistant of Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot(/Green Goblin) and appointed to help the team by Steve Rogers, the first Captain America.


I have mentioned the lead up for the plot of this issue which continues into the next as the mystery villain is revealed at the end of the issue and all the heroes are fighting an invasion of demons from a mystery dimension. Also, Victoria throws a (funny) tantrum & carries a really big gun (I kindof like her! ツ ).

So it is all very good. Except!

I have to complain about the editing because I think that may be where the problem is!

First on the splash page, the characters are all standing around looking up at the sky and as the camera shifts they keep moving around without actually moving! One could blame Immonen but it really seems like something the editor should have picked up.

Second, Victoria somehow has time to change clothes in the middle of the invasion as she is clearly wearing a different skirt in her two different appearances. Again Immonen is partly to blame (I am SOOOOO sorry, Stuart, my love! ;;-) ) but also should have been picked up in editing.

Third is the aforementioned confusion over whether it is Hawkeye or Mockingbird that is on this team! I mean I love them both and this is partly Bendis' (or maybe mostly Bendis') fault but it is too much like the original series where we waited like a year and a half so Ronin (Echo) could join for like one issue!

Fourth, the team lineup I listed may not be the team since Iron Fist is not on the recap page (which is actually a good editorial call).

I don't want to be so hard on Brevoort or Sankovitch but someone has to have a better grip on this book.......it is good but it could be great.

RATING: 7 gun-toting-Victorias out of 10

Gotta run! Love you all! ツ* *kisses!* This week's present is "The Avengers" teaser trailer!

Monday, August 16, 2010

morning glories #1 (Image Shadowline)

"I dunno . . . I think I just fell in love or something."~Hunter

Words: Nick Spencer

Art: Joe Eisma

Colors: Alex Sollazzo

Letters: Johnny Lowe

Design: Tim Daniel

Covers: Robin Esquejo

Editor: Kristen Simon

Publisher: Jim Valentino

Comic Book Week: August 11, 2010

So this week's Kara's Comic is the first of a new series from Image, morning glories....& I am not forgetting the name of the story....it does not seem to have one ("For a Better Future" maybe? O,o). Basically, Morning Glory Academy is "one of the most respected preparatory academies in the country" (3 countries really since some of the students come from Canada & Japan) and their "methods are unconventional". This comic is "Degrassi" if "Degrassi" were a comic book (I know! I know! There's a graphic novel! But I was hoping to make a point here! ツ) & set in a boarding school & with a horrible secret. Okay, its more like "The Covenant". Happy? ツ

We learn very quickly about MGA and find out that it really has a big secret at the heart of its program. Then we meet 6 new students.......the quoted Hunter from Toronto, Casey Blevins from Chicago, Ike from Manhattan, Zoe from San Diego, Jane/Jade from Des Moines, and Fukayama Jun from Tokyo. These students meet & talk & it looks like some of them might be pairing up shortly (maybe Hunter and Zoe/Casey/Jun-Jun's a boy 2 btw-or Ike & Casey). Then they find out that they all have one thing very strange in common (besides all being 16) & that MGA is much more dangerous than they thought.

All in all there is nothing in this story (yet) that is all that original but the art/colors/letters are magnificently beautiful and very reminiscent of Marvel's Runaways.....there is one splash page near the end although that does not seem to entirely fit.....weird! The characters are likable & original. And the story is well told even if it seems very familiar. And the last page cliffhanger is enough to make me want to see what happens next month.

I am not sure why but I like it!

RATING: 6 ½ morning glories out of 10

Morning glories are so pretty! ♥ them! (& the 'not morning glories are supposed to be men in the moon..... 9,9).

Just want to mention a couple of other books that I luved this month. Birds of Prey #4 (DC) was sooooo great, but I almost feel bad for so often rating Gail Simone (♥)! Justice League Generation Lost #7 & Booster Gold #35 (DC) are carrying on the tradition of the Justice League International.......love it! And Zatanna #4 (DC) has been so much fun since the series started, although the artwork was not quite as outstanding this issue.

As always thanx for reading! ツ* xoxoxo!

Here is a beautiful morning glory picture to thank you all! http://bit.ly/morning_glories

Monday, August 9, 2010

iZombie #4 (Vertigo/DC)/Secret Six #24 (DC)

Bogo! 2 Kara's Comix this week because I could not decide which one to review! Ick! Last week's six books are gonna haunt me forever..........

Comic Book Week: August 4, 2010

"Still, not everything buried remains lost and forgotten..."~Amon the mummy

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist & Cover: Michael Allred
Letters: Todd Klein
Colors: Laura Allred
Associate Editor: Angela Rufino
Editor: Shelly Bond

(I, Zombie created by Roberson & Allred.......wait! Is that rite?.......hmmmmmm........well, according to imdb there's a movie by that name too: http://imdb.to/bPuSCx)

iZombie-or I, Zombie, depending on who you were to ask-is the story of gravedigger Gwen Dylan, who is herself a zombie. But unlike other zombies she's pretty normal so long as she eats a brain every once in a while. Being a gravedigger, she just digs up a dead body when she needs to and gets by. Unfortunately she then gets the memories of the person who's brain she's eaten and is forced to fulfill some untended to last wishes. So in "The Magical Memory Tour", Gwen's trying to solve the murder of Fred, the latest man who's brain she ate. The killer appears to be another zombie, the aforementioned Amon the mummy.

Funny but I never thought about the fact that mummys and zombies are really the same creature before! 9,9

So now that Gwen and her bff (literally), the ghostgirl Ellie, have tracked down Amon, who has been a zombie/mummy much longer than she has, he is explaining to her the nature of what she is, while her ex and his partner track down a vampire coven and her current interest, a "were-terrier", plays video games.

And that brings you completely up to speed!

I have sung the praises of Chris Roberson on Cinderella before and Mike Allred is a living legend. Allred's wife Laura is as always along for the ride on colors and Klein's letters are perfectly suitable.

The whole formula is somehow completely complicated and yet so simple. This book is not really stand alone, but you could probably pick up this issue and fall in love. The review is short and sweet but so is the book-not the best but always enjoyable...........

RATING: 8 brains out of 10

"Thought......we might be heroes."~Thomas Blake (Catman :-9)

Writer: Gail Simone (♥)
Artist: Jim Calafiore
Colorist: Jason Wright
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover: Daniel Luvisi
Editor: Sean Ryan

When I turned the first page of this comic I had to review it. Calafiore and Wright created the most beautiful splash page I have ever seen! ♥

Simone (♥) tells a western tale of the main characters that has nothing to do with anything that we have read in this book before & may have nothing to do with anything we will read again but it is powerful and moving and returns the best villain since the Joker in Junior (Ragdoll's sister if you know anything about this book-read my last review here: http://bit.ly/dD9hHs). I really have no idea what this story (called "Unforgivable" btw!) has to do with anything as the Secret Six characters fight Deathstroke and Junior in the old west (Again with the old west! Two reviews of westerns last week & now this!). Catman (yum! 9,9) and Deadshot prove to be total badboys and then everyone dies! The artwork is fantastic (I am a little sorry to say that the cover doesn't quite live up to the inside...... :-( ), the story is thrilling, the characters are great, the letters actually stand out (you need to read Ragdoll's "Punch & Judy" routine!),.........the only fault I can find with this comic book is that it might not make sense to a new reader. I think that it would still be a fun read even if you had no idea who my Catman (again.....yum! :-9) is, but I am not sure-so I am asking anyone reading this right now please read this book and let me know, if you haven't read it before do you like it? I'll be your best friend! ;;-*) lol!

RATING: 9 ½ kittens out of 10

Thanx for reading! ツ* *mwah!*

Monday, August 2, 2010

ツ ☼ My Summer Vacation! ☼ ツ

Comic Book Week: July 28, 2010

Hi, everyone! This week I'm trying to do a little chilling, but I did not want to do what I did last time & end up not posting for a whole bunch of months! :-( So I'm going to try something new & run through all the comix I read (& loved! ツ) last week, but keep the reviews short............here goes!

American Vampire #5 (Vertigo/DC)
(Scott Snyder, Rafael Albequerque, and Stephen King)

I am LOVING this series! The art is dark and moody and romantic and gorgeous! The story is split in two, one half told in the old west and one half told in the 1920s; both halves are intimate and luscious and scary! OMG I really love this book! If your are not reading this book I envy you because you can pick up the trade and enjoy it for the first time. It is really that good. But if you may be turned off by the vampire thing, please keep reading.......this book will grow on you! If you like noir, westerns, 20's fashions, mystery, a little bit of romance, or even a little bit of violence something in this comic will grab you.

Now.....how am I going to do the ratings? How about 9 ½ sunny days (with a little cloud for the ½ ツ)............!!!!
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☁

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #2 (Marvel)
(Roger Langridge, Chris Samnee, and Matt Wilson)

I wish all of Marvel's titles could be this good! This is an out of continuity tale of Thor (the norse god of thunder if you don't know!)......at least I hope it is. Thor in this book has no past Marvel history and there may or may not be other Marvel characters in this universe (besides, you know, those that show up to interact with Thor, like a museum curator Jane Foster and a Mr. Hyde that nobody really recognizes), and I hope they keep it that way. The art and story feel like a nice little fairy tale and I'm loving it! ❤

8 sunny days!!!
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☂ ☂

The Return of Bruce Wayne #4 of 6 (DC)
(Grant Morrison, Georges Jeanty, and Walden Wong)

To be honest this mini series started off confusing me. But with each issue the stories seem to be getting more "complete" while making more sense in the story of how Bruce Wayne (Batman) is coming back (he died........didn't you hear! ツ). Grant Morrison is too smart for his own good but if you hang on for dear life he will always bring his stories home. He is amazing! And the artwork is so delicious! And I'm not even a western fan! And I read 2 westerns this week! WTH!

7 ½ sunny days!!
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☁ ☂ ☂

Jack of Fables #46 (Vertigo/DC)
(Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges, Tony Akins, and Andrew Pepoy)

I have every issue of this series so far. It is consistently fun. The art is consistently clean and clear. And even though the story seems to be diluting with 2 different Jack of Fables, and I'm not a huge fan of the Page Sisters (the 3 ladies on the cover), and even though he's cute ( ツ❤) the Babe the Blue Ox stories have started to run their course, but this comic still deserves a review. In fact it deserves a good review! If you read it, you will like it!

7 sunny days!
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☂ ☂ ☂

The Flash #4 (DC)
(Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul)

I miss Wally West ( ☹ ). I miss Linda Park-West (OMG! I never got that joke till I just wrote it! :-P ). I don't miss their kids that much but..........

I am liking the new Barry Allen! The CSI feel is obvious but it works! And who knew Iris Allen-West could be such a great character? They seem to be trying to make her a bit Lois Lane-ish, but distinct enough that you won't mind. The artwork is nice, maybe a little bit gritty for a fun character like the Flash but the current story is about a murder after all.

7 sunny days!
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☂ ☂ ☂

[The All-New] Wonder Woman #601 (DC)
(J. Michael Straczynski, Don Kramer, and Michael Babinski)

This is the first official issue with the new creative team, the new costume, and the new history. It's okay. I might even buy it next month too. I like the art, I can live with the costume (for now! ~:-( ), and there is nothing wrong with the story. It just feels like they broke Wonder Woman to put her back together but they did not make her any better........just different. (And I think I might like Diana's new costume better if her top was the same as her old top........that thin little accent along her neckline just is not doing it for me.)

6 sunny days.
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂

Hugs & kisses until next week! (I hope! ヅ )
♥ Kara ♥ xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!