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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 1000 Tsweep Contest!

Hi, everyone!

I know that I have missed a couple of weeks so to make up for that & to celebrate my 1000th follower on Twitter, I have decided that I want to run a contest!

The rules are simple......in 140 characters or less on Twitter or on Facebook or in the comment box of this blog tell me what the best way to commit career suicide would be......i.e. tweet, "@SupergirlofArgo moon ur parishioners from the pulpit" X)) !

I will pick the post I find the funniest received by 3pm eastern standard time December 14th, 2010. The winner will get a signed copy of my bf's comic book "The Arcadian's #1" & it will be open to anyone in continental North America........yes the prize is free to me & I am trying to limit the mailing costs! This blog is just for fun & does not make any money!

Once I pick the winner I will get back to you to get a mailing address.......it just better be in America, Canada, or Mexico!!!!!! Please? I will even bag it & board it!

You can reach me at Twitter or Facebook from the Profile Badge at the top of this page & if you reeeeeaaaaalllllllly need to email an entry let me know & I will privately send you my email address.

♥ you guys! ツ*