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Monday, March 26, 2012

No Review Reviews! ;)

Happy Purple Day! :*)

What is Purple Day you ask?

Purple Day is the global day for Epilepsy Awareness!

Visit here to learn more! :)

I seem to have very little time this week & I have rated all of so many of the comix that I read this week so for Kara's Comic for Comic Book Week March 21st, 2012 I am going to do this a little differently with some bits of news!

The Avengers Prelude~Fury's Big Week #2 of 4 (Marvel)

(Christopher Yost, Eric Pearson, Luke Ross, Daniel Hdr, Mark Pennington, Chris Sotomayor)

I am sooooooooooo excited!!!!! RDJ & Chris Evans! Yay! & this comic has been filling in all of the little gaps between "Iron Man" & "Incredible Hulk" & "Iron Man 2" & "Thor" & "Captain America: The First Avenger"!!!! Samuel Jackson is even coooler!!!! XD

Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wonder Woman #7 (DC)

(Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang)

There has been a lot of controversy over this very ish where a dark fact about the Amazons is revealed. I hope that...............& that is why I am not judging the ish yet................maybe this is only part of the story & more may be revealed as the series continues.................pretty please Mister Azzarello? ;;I

Fables #115 (Vertigo / DC)

(Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Shawn McManus)

ed this cover & I am ing where the story is going! It is very much like Alice In Wonderland & Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer On The Island Of Misfit Toys!!!! 
Birds Of Prey #7 (DC)

(Duane Sweirczynski, Jesus Saiz)

The next 2 lines may be a spoiler so I will try to hide them! High lite them to see them! :/

Dinah killed her husband!!!!!!????????

What does that mean? Who was her husband? Di is a killer?

No! I hope this story goes another way like Wonder Woman! :(

Nightwing #7 (DC)
(Kyle Higgins, Eddy Barrows,
Geraldo Borges, Paulo Siqueira,
Eber Ferreira)
Batman #7 (DC)
(Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo,
Jonathan Glapion)
I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited for the Court Of Owls! These 2 ishes started off the cross over that may be the best Batman Family Story ever! There is a scene that is in both of these comix that tells the story from Dick's ( ;9 ) & then Bruce's perspective & I have never seen this plot device used sooooooo well! My advice is to read Nightwing 1st & then Batman & then go back & re read Nightwing! Fabulous!!!!! :) 

Supergirl #7 (DC)

(Michael Green, Mike Johnson, Mahmud Asrar)

Kara defeats the World Killers all by her self! 

But what is the most interesting to me is do you fore see that maybe Doomsday might be coming back? :S

hmmmmmm.................. ;)
Justice League #7 (DC)

(Geoff Johns, Gene Ha, Gary Frank)

I do not have much to say about this ish except I  Gene Ha's art work! Fabulous!

But the only problem is that both Hal Jordan & Billy Batson seem to be jerks in the DC new 52! :(

But I like Diana here! :)

See you next week! xoxoxoxoxox ツ*

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Avengers #24 (Marvel)

"Grab him. All at once."~Anthony Stark / Iron Man

writer: Brian Michael Bendis
artist: Daniel Acuña
letters: VC's Cory Petit
associate editor: Lauren Sankovitch
editor: Tom Brevoort
editor in chief: Axel Alonso
chief creative officer: Joe Quesada
publisher: Dan Buckley
exec. producer: Alan Fine
cover art: Daniel Acuña


Kara's comic for Comic Book Week March 14th, 2011 is........................hmmmmmmmm..........................Marvel forgot to name it I guess! 8o

The Avengers #24 is the last ish of the Avengers big fight against Norman Osborn....................who was once the Green Goblin & the Iron Patriot & is now the head of H.A.M.M.E.R.................which means..................hmmmmmmmmm...............................Marvel forgot to name it I guess! `;S

I started reading this story about Norman Osborn around about The New Avengers #17..............that I reviewed here a little bit ;)................& Norman was going to be a major villain that the Avengers would be fighting for about a year & they may not all make it out alive! & now 6 months later..................I think that Marvel forgot because the Avengers beat Norman in this ish by all touching him at the same time.................omg what? 8O

Daniel Acuña's art work is...............despite his tendency to give all the women pouty lips...............absolutely gorgeous though! 89


I do not like ending in such a way but I am really starting to believe that Brian Michael Bendis may keep writing stories that become too complicated to keep his own interest! 8O

Until next week! ツ*

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fairest #1 (Vertigo / DC)

"What valuable potions or notions might it contain?"~Ali Baba

writer: Bill Willingham
pencils & variant cover (not shown): Phil Jimenez
inks: Andy Lanning
colors: Andrew Dalhouse
letters: Todd Klein
cover (shown): Adam Hughes
variant cover colors (not shown): Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
asst. ed.: Gregory Lockard
editor: Shelley Bond

(Fairest is created by Bill Willingham)

Kara's comic for Comic Book Week March 7th, 2012 is "Prince of Thieves, Chapter One of Wide Awake" & my 1st review with a wrap around cover! ;)

To start I just want to say what a beautiful cover! Adam Hughes can be a little bit overly sexual with his ladies but they all look unique & with their own personality & this may be 1 of my favs of all his covers!

The story written by Bill Willingham will of course be appealing to any fans of Fables as it is just an extension of that story................but this story has the fabulous art work of Phil Jimenez! OMG! This looks fantastic! & it looks like Mister Jimenez's work suits literature even more than super heroes!  it! :)

The art work could have actually pushed my  of this book even higher.............but I found it very confusing that a book about the ladies of fables did not have a woman speak until the last page! Although this may be more an extension of DCs seemingly forgetting about their female characters in the new 52! `;S

But having said that............as this story is a merging of the stories of Ali Baba & Sleeping Beauty..............whom Fables fans may remember from her 1 or 2 appearances.................I will wait until next ish to pass final judgement since I am very intrigued! :)

RATING: 8 snow whites out of 10!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Justice League #6 (DC) & The DC New 52 After 1/2 A Year! :)

So for Kara's comic for Comic book week February 29th, 2012 I thought that I could do 1 more check in on the DC New 52 since the last of all of the ishes made it through the 1st half year!
Hope you all enjoy it! *

Action Comics (DC)
I am still reading! So far so good! :)

All Star Western (DC)
I have been ♥ing this! fabulous art work & fun stories! Looking for ward to seeing Cinnamon in the up coming ishes! :)

Animal Man (DC)
♥ing this 1 too! I was almost lost but the last story about Buddy Baker's movie was fabulous! :)

Aquaman (DC)
This is the most fun of all the new 52! Arthur is challenging Dick Grayson for my ♥! :)

Batgirl (DC)
I miss Oracle & Stephanie Brown but I can not stop reading Gail Simone! :)

Batman (DC)
I ♥ Scott Snyder! That is all! ♥

Batman & Robin (DC)
I have not read this since ish #1 & I have not been missing it. :(

Batman The Dark Knight (DC)
I do not remember reading this! Not a good sign! :(

Batwing (DC)
Sooooooooooo good! Read it! ♥

Batwoman (DC)
J.H. Williams III has not done all of the art work on this............but I am still reading it! Yay Kate! :)

Birds Of Prey (DC)
I am still reading the Birds Of Prey............which is amazing because I ♥ed Gail Simone's Birds sooooooooo much!

But Duane's version is very good too! :)

BlackHawks (DC)
I did not read BlackHawks & it is being cancelled..........I miss Zinda from Birds Of Prey though! :(

Blue Beetle (DC)
I have not read this comic since ish #1 but I do like Jaime...............even though I miss Ted! :'(
Catwoman (DC)
My last review was.................."ew."~Kara when she read the last page of Catwoman #1

Captain Atom (DC)
I have read several ishes of this comic since #1 & I kindof like it! Although it is much more like Doctor Manhattan than Captain Atom! :S

DC Universe Presents (DC)
I had to try this ish because of the fabulous Ryan Sook cover! But the story was not that enticng to bring me back for the next ish. :(
Deathstroke (DC)
This comic was not my kindof comic. I have not read it since ish #1. :(

Demon Knights (DC)
I a do not really know any thing about this comic! :(
Detective Comics (DC)
I did not like the ish of this that I read so I have not read any more. :(

The Flash (DC)
I like this comic! I like it enough to keep reading it even though I miss Wally West! :(

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. (DC)
I still have not read this comic. :(
The Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Men (DC)
Still reading it! But I think that Gail Simone is leaving so I may not keep up after she is gone. :(
Green Arrow (DC)
I still have not read this comic...........but may be some day! :/
Green Lantern (DC)
I stopped reading this after the 2nd ish............I am afraid that I just do not like Hal Jordan that much. :(

Green Lantern Corps (DC)
I am still reading this comic as of ish #6 but I think that it may be the last............I like it but may be not enough to keep buying it............ :S

Green Lantern New Guardians (DC)
I almost stopped reading this but I ♥ Kyle Rayner so I think that I will keep reading it at least until the end of the 1st story arc......... :S

Grifter (DC)
I still have not read this comic but now that it is proving to have some staying power I may have to try it! :)

Hawk & Dove (DC)
This is also being cancelled but I have not read it. :(
I, Vampire (DC)
This comic has been a pleasant surprise! Wonderful art work & a mysterious story! :)

Justice League #6 (DC)
"You can call us...THE SUPER SEVEN!"~Barry Allen/The Flash
writer: Geoff Johns
penciller: Jim Lee
inkers: Scott Williams with Sandra Hope, Batt & Mark Irwin
colorists: Alex Sinclair with Tony Avina & Hi-Fi
letterer: Patrick Brosseau
cover: Jim Lee, Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair
variant cover: Ivan Reis & Joe Prado with Rod Reis
assistant editor: Darren Shaw
editor: Brian Cunningham

This comic book has Superman & Batman  & Wonder Woman & Flash & Aquaman & Green Lantern as written by Geoff Johns & drawn by Jim Lee...........& it is very very good! But I really wanted more!

Cyborg...........whom I ♥.............saves the world from Darkseid! But really the whole fight is only a couple of pages! 8S

There was a long set up for a very fast finish!

But the team is now together so I hope for more! *fingerscrossed!*

RATING: 6 and ½ of my Karas out of 10!

Justice League Dark (DC)
I am really ♥ing this comic! Zee & Boston are favs & John Constantine can be so charming! :)

Justice League International (DC)
I have not been engrossed in this new JLI yet but I like it enough to keep reading it! :)
Legion Lost (DC)
I have very much been enjoying this comic! I ♥ Dawnie & Brin & Drake! :)

Legion Of Super-Heroes (DC)
I have not read this comic since the 1st ish............happy with Legion Lost up to now but in ish #8 the fabulous Steve Lightle returns! :)

Men Of War (DC)
Another comic that I have not read & is being cancelled. :(
Mister Terrific (DC)
Another comic that I have not read but that is being cancelled! :(

Nightwing (DC)
I ♥ Dick so I will keep reading his comix............but it is so very good! :)

O.M.A.C. (DC)
Another comic I have not tried that is being cancelled! I am starting to see a trend! ;)

Red Hood & The Outlaws (DC)
I still have not read this comic. :(

Red Lanterns (DC)
Sorry! I glanced at my bf's copy but it just does not interest me! :(

Resurrection Man (DC)
I have read several ishes of this comic..............it is okay. :/
The Savage Hawkman (DC)
I have not read any ishes of this comic. :|
Static Shock (DC)
The 1 comic that is being cancelled that I have been reading! I liked it but I did not ♥ it. I do hope that Static goes on to be a long time member of the Teen Titans though! *fingerscrossed!*
Stormwatch (DC)
Stormwatch holds on to my interest but I admit I may change my mind at any time! :S

Suicide Squad (DC)
I have to say that my review of Suicide Squad is exactly the same as Birds Of Prey! Not as good as when Gail Simone was the writer but very good!

Oh! Only Gail wrote Secret Six not Suicide Squad! lol! ;b

Superboy (DC)
I had to read ish #6 because of the appearance of Kara...........not bad! :)
Supergirl (DC)
The new version of Kara is not my fav version of Kara but it is 1 of my fav comix of the new 52! :)

Superman (DC)
 George Pérez & I  Nicola Scott so I have been faithful to this comic............I will have to see what will happen once they have left! :S

Swamp Thing (DC)
I still have not read this comic but I do ♥ Scott Snyder! hmmmmmmmm................ :S

Teen Titans (DC)
I have not read this comic book yet! :(
Voodoo (DC)
I have not read this comic since ish #1 but I have not missed it. :(
Wonder Woman (DC)
I have been very much enjoying the art work & story on Diana's title! :)

Soooooooooo looking forward to Worlds' Finest...................not sure about Earth 2 any more! :S
*hugs&kisses!* ツ*