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Friday, January 22, 2010

Power Girl #8 (DC)

"BY THE THRITY-FIVE [sic] GODS OF GALAFON'S RINGS!": Vartox of Valeron, Hyper-Man.


(In best Captain-Kirk-like-if-he-were-a-she-like-in-that-1-mind-transfer-episode,) Comic-book date: January 20, 2010. Kara's log: entry #3. Color me.......(dramatic pause).........disappointed.

I guess all good things must come to an end. Ew! That sounds dramatic! No, I just mean I've done 2 glowing reviews, and I was giddy to pick up one of my current favorite books this week. Power Girl has been consistently a joy since the first issue. Amanda Connor's artwork in particular is fun and light and expressive and bouncy and sexy without being racy (take notes, boys!). And this, imho, has been Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray's best gig as cowriters to date.

But this issue, "A Groovy Kind of Love"?


The story started last issue, of the journey of sexmachine Vartox the Hyper-Man (♂) to woo our girl Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr (♀) to repopulate his planet, continues and concludes in this issue. The story started sort of cliche and keeps it up with cheesy puns like the "Pregno-Ray" (XP) & "Fertilizor" (lol-not!).

The story's not BAD, just.........meh.

The art's technically as good as ever, but since the story doesn't really go anywhere, we don't get to see the divine Ms. Connor let loose like she can (see: "Supergirl" in Wednesday's Comics ♥♥♥♥♥!). The color (Paul Mounts) & letters (John J. Hill) are perfectly acceptable. Even the cover's not up to the fantastic work from the past 7 issues. Unfortunately, this issue's like the typo in the quote at the start: it seems like a mistake, but I can't be sure!

In honor of Power Girl's most famous assets.......

RATING: 6 "unmentionables" out of 10

One more thing! How do you like my new background? Thanks to "The Velvet Cyclone" (you can shower praise to him on Twitter @VelvetCyclone......but only if you want too! He's got a swelled head as it is! ;) ). xoxoxo

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