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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Top 10 Favorite Trade Paper Backs

Hi! I some times like to do some thing different so this week I am just going to give you a list of my favorite tpbs (trade paper backs natch!)..........they are not necessarily the best just the 1s that make me happy or sad or just good inside! May be you think the same! Hope so! ツ*

#1 : The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes/The Doll's House (Vertigo/DC)

by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Chris Bachalo, Michael Zulli & Steve Parkhouse

Oops! I have to cheat right off the top because I can not pick my fav between volume 1 or volume 2 of "The Sandman"! (do not worry! i will do 9 others any way! 9,9 )

Even if you have never read comix you have probably heard of Neil Gaiman & "The Sandman"........it was even in "Rolling Stone" magazine! & the best stories I have ever read are split between the 2 books.........there is "24 Hours" about a lamo Justice League villain who becomes soooooooo cool in 24 hours!

& "The Sound of Her Wings" with the 1st appearance of Sandman's sister Death...........who is so great that writing this I have almost decided she may be my costume for next halloween!

& "Welcome Cereal Convention" about a serial killers' convention which may be what created "Dexter".........♥ it!

& just read them! ツ

#2 : Watchmen (DC)

by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons

"Watchmen" has to be on everybodies list.........even if you do not like super heroes it is not really about super heroes & it just breaks apart ever concept you may have of what a comic is. "Watchmen" is not a book as much as it is an experiment..........do not give it to a friend to convince her to read comix though because even if she does every thing else will be a disappointment from that point!

#3 : Sleeper Season 1 (Wildstorm/DC)

by Edward Brubaker & Sean Phillips

This comic will make you realize how thrilling a book can be! I remember watching "Back to the Future" & looking @ the clock wondering if Michael J Fox would make it back in time to film "Family Ties" ( lol! ;) ) & this tpb gave me that same feeling of how can the main character make it against what seem to be impossible circumstances.

#4 : Doctor 13: Architecture & Mortality (DC)

by Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang

If you look at this cover you may think it reminds you of the Super Friends. It is supposed to & like watching saturday morning cartoons on the living room floor while eating fruit loops this is the most fun you can possibly have!
#5 : Serenity: Those Left Behind (Dark Horse)

by Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews & Will Conrad

I ♥ Joss. & the art work in this is absolutely gorgeous! & Serenity is sooooooooooooooo fabulous! & Nathan Fillion is soooooooooooooooooooo hot! :9

#6 : Arkham Asylum Living Hell (DC)

by Dan Slott, Ryan Sook, Wade von Grawbadger & Jim Royal

Batman has the best villains in comix & this book is all about them not him! Humpty Dumpty, Jane Doe & Great White are not even the big names but they are scarie & creepie & yet will draw you in completely! & I ♥♥♥♥ Ryan Sook! ;9
#7 : Manhunter Volume 3: Origins (DC)

by Marc Andreyko, Javier Pina & Fernando Blanco

The best comic ever cancelled! lol! ;)
The story of Kate Spencer is a love story about the DCU! It is remarkable & you should read it!

#8 : The War at Ellesmere (Slave Labor Graphics)

by Faith Erin Hicks

You have probably never heard of this book but Faith Erin Hicks contributed to Marvel's Girl Comics. She is very good & very talented & her work simply conveys a love for what she does! Look for it!

#9 : Fray (Dark Horse)

by Joss Whedon, Karl Moline & Andy Owens

I ♥ Joss & I ♥ this story! The art is prettie & the story made me cry near the middle. :')


#10 : The League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen [& lady! ;b] Volume 1 (ABC/DC)

by Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill, Ben Dimagmaliw & Bill Oakley

If you ♥ literature you will ♥ this. If you ♥ comix you will ♥ this. If you ♥ the movie you mite not like this. 9,9

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  1. omg u know what? i actually 4got bone by jeff smith because i loaned it 2 a gf! probs # 1 of them all! 9,9