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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marvel Holiday Special #1 (Marvel)

On the 1st day of Chanukah I would like to honor the holidays by making Kara's comic for Comic Book Week December 14th, 2011, Marvel Holiday Special!

"Happy Holidays, Dirtbag!"~Benjamin Grimm / Thing

cover artists: Tim Seeley & Leonardo Olea
digital production manager: Tim Smith 3
collection editor: Cory Levine
assistant editors: Alex Starbuck & Nelson Ribeiro
editors, special projects: Jennifer Grünwald & Mark D. Beazley
senior editor, special projects: Jeff Youngquist
senior vice president of sales: David Gabriel
svp of brand planning & communications: Michael Pasciullo
editor in chief: Axel Alonso
chief creative officer: Joe Quesada
publisher: Dan Buckley
executive producer: Alan Fine

"Cold Hearted Christmas"~Miljenko Horvatic, Andrew Trabbold, Jeff Campbell, Rob Steen, Jody LeHeup

In the 1st story of this collection Spider-Man encounters a Mohawk thief & arrests her but then feels bad for her about her lost family & delivers her a gift in prison. That is the whole story as told by her. The art work is the best of the 4 stories but the story is only okay.

Have a good winter solstice! ;*)

6 snow people out of 10!                                                                               

"Logan's Lost Lesson"~Kurtis J. Wiebe, Patrick Scherberger, Cory Hamscher, Veronica Gandini, Simon Bowland, Jordan D. White

In the 2nd story Logan...........Wolverine natch! ;) ..........Kitty Pride & Bobby Drake...........Ice man natch! ;) .............decide to teach a team of young mutants a lesson by making them play a hockey game. The story is not not fun but I do not under stand what the lesson was! O,o

Happy holiday bub! ;*)

5 snow people out of 10!                                                                               

"Ol' Saint Nick"~Aaron Shaps, Sebastian Piriz, Jeff Campbell, Rob Steen, Sebastian Girner

In the 3rd story Colonel Nick Fury of SHIELD..........Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division *whew!* natch!.............invades a Hydra............they are the bad guys............base to give a message to the "young Hydra upstart" called The Scar on Christmas Eve. The message may be made me tear up a little bit but the story & art work could have been worked on a little bit longer..............& I thought that Nick Fury was Jewish? `;S

Merry Xmas! ;*)

4 snow people out of 10!                                                                               

"Chinese Food for Christmas"~James S. Rich, Paco Diaz, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Jeff Eckleberg, Daniel Ketchum

In the last story Benjamin Grimm is on his way to enjoy a Chinese food feast with his Jewish super hero friends on Xmas day when he is side tracked by a monster stealing worth less Xmas things. It turns out that the monster was being lead by poor orphans so Benjamin invites them to dinner. This is a nice little story with decent art work.

L'chaim! ;*)

6 snow people out of 10!                                                                               


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