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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Shade #4 (DC)

"It was April 14, 1944. And I confess, until that day, my only anti-German act had been abstaining from Pumpernickel."~The Shade

writer: James Robinson
penciller: Darwin Cooke
inker: J. Bone
colorist: Dave Stewart
letterer: Todd Klein
cover artist: Tony Harris
variant cover artist: Darwyn Cooke
editor: Wil Moss

Kara's comic for Comic Book Week January 11th, 2012, is a slice of the past, "Times Past: 1944~Family Ties Part III"!

I just thought that this ish was fabulous! As The Shade says in the quote above this is a story about a past time that turns out to fit right in with the rest of this mini series some what amazingly! With only 6 parts to tell a whole story James Robinson still manages to write a fill in story recalling his Starman series that made The Shade the character that he is now but further the story line just the same..............with art work by Darwyn Cooke & J. Bone & Dave Stewart that just finishes a wonderful package!!

The story takes place in World War 2 when The Shade was a villain but decides for a very important reason that he must protect Darnell Caldecott...........a millionaire British / American industrialist who dedicated to fighting the Nazi menace. So The Shade recruits 2 golden age super heroes(?) by offering them important information..............1 that is very recognizable & the other that surprised me too much to spoil it for any of you that may read the story! ;)

If any of the rest of the new 52 continues to be cancelled I hope that The Shade might be a replacement!

RATING: 9 shades out of 10!!!!!!

lol! I just noticed an important clue on the cover to 1 of the 3 mysteries in this story! Can you guess what it is?  ツ*

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