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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fairest #1 (Vertigo / DC)

"What valuable potions or notions might it contain?"~Ali Baba

writer: Bill Willingham
pencils & variant cover (not shown): Phil Jimenez
inks: Andy Lanning
colors: Andrew Dalhouse
letters: Todd Klein
cover (shown): Adam Hughes
variant cover colors (not shown): Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
asst. ed.: Gregory Lockard
editor: Shelley Bond

(Fairest is created by Bill Willingham)

Kara's comic for Comic Book Week March 7th, 2012 is "Prince of Thieves, Chapter One of Wide Awake" & my 1st review with a wrap around cover! ;)

To start I just want to say what a beautiful cover! Adam Hughes can be a little bit overly sexual with his ladies but they all look unique & with their own personality & this may be 1 of my favs of all his covers!

The story written by Bill Willingham will of course be appealing to any fans of Fables as it is just an extension of that story................but this story has the fabulous art work of Phil Jimenez! OMG! This looks fantastic! & it looks like Mister Jimenez's work suits literature even more than super heroes!  it! :)

The art work could have actually pushed my  of this book even higher.............but I found it very confusing that a book about the ladies of fables did not have a woman speak until the last page! Although this may be more an extension of DCs seemingly forgetting about their female characters in the new 52! `;S

But having said that............as this story is a merging of the stories of Ali Baba & Sleeping Beauty..............whom Fables fans may remember from her 1 or 2 appearances.................I will wait until next ish to pass final judgement since I am very intrigued! :)

RATING: 8 snow whites out of 10!


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