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Monday, April 9, 2012

Supreme #63 (Image Comics)

"By the nine moons of Jagulori! I-it can't be!"~Omniman-Of-The-Present

writer: Alan Moore
artists: Erik Larsen & Cory Hamscher
colorist: Steve Oliff
letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
editor: Eric Stephenson
cover a: Erik Larsen (shown)
cover b: Cory Hamscher
cover c & d: Rob Liefeld

(Supreme created by Rob Liefeld)

I am not really a fan of Image but my list of comix was very short this week so when I saw Alan Moore as the writer I decided to try some thing new! & I am happy to say that Kara's comic for Comic Book Week April 4th, 2012 is "Revelations"!

Sadly I have heard that this is Alan Moore's last ish tho! :(

While I do not know much about his history Supreme is like an Image version of Superman.............& this ish makes that clear from the start! The story is told in a very silver age like way about an alternate dimension where all of the versions of Supreme's Lex Luthor...........named Dex................exist after they disappear like Lex Luthor would have after 'Crisis On Infinite Earths' & 'Final Crisis' & so forth. & all the versions of Supreme also exist in another dimension. This story is framed by a comic book version of Supreme called 'Omniman' that makes it appear that the present Omniman is about to be erased from his continuity..........& the comic book is written by Supreme's gf Diana Dane. & Dex uses the comix to discover the Supreme dimension & have all of the Dexes attack it. & Suprema...........like Supergirl  ................also shows up for some girl talk defending her brother! *whew!*

& that is all in 1 ish that is to be continued! 8)

So the story is by Alan Moore & the art work is by Erik Larsen............who is fun & a good story teller.............so in all it was a fun trial!

RATING: 8½ Supremas out of 10!!!!!

See you next week! ツ*

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