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Monday, August 12, 2013

Action Comics #23 ( DC )

Hi, guys!!!!!! This week I have a guest blogger!!!!! Yah...............I have hit the big time! lol! ;)

Actually 'friend of karascomics' The Velvet Cyclone was going on so much about this ish that I asked if he would like to write some thing..................& he said yes! He has contributed art work before but this is his 1st writings................so you go girl! ;b

Oh! & spoiler warning! :*)

"You have four minutes to get out of my solar system never to be seen or heard from again." ~ some one that looks a lot like Superman ( ;b )

written by: Scott Lobdell
art by: Tyler Kirkham
color by: Arif Prianto
lettering by: Carlos M. Mangual
cover by: Tyler Kirkham & Arif Prianto
assistant editor: Anthony Marques
editor: Eddie Berganza

(Superman created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster by special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel Family)

Superman, Superman, Superman . . . what can I say?

Wait, let me rephrase that: Lobdell, Lobdell, Lobdell . . . what the heck were you thinking?

But I digress. My name is Larry, and Kara asked me to express my views on the latest issue of Action Comics . . . to hopefully keep my brain from exploding. See, DC Comics did this thing two years ago, where they made their whole universe more relatible, more realistic, more COOL. Besides a more angry Billy Batson, a racier Catwoman, and just more and more Batman, Superman, in particular, lost a wife, lost a job, and lost his underpants on the outside. This Superman was more human and more realistic for today's intelligent comic book reader.

Into "Action Comics" #22 and 23 flew this new real-world Superman! Attacking a big bruiser that just destroyed an evil weapon, Superman and the aforementioned gentleman converse . . . IN SPACE . . . as they battle to a standstill. But . . . "Bruiser's" three partners suddenly show up, and tell Supes that he's doomed. To which he responds in his best Vegeta impression by powering up EVEN FURTHER to take on all of them.

It turns out "The Atomic Knights", as they call themselves, are actually good guys, wandering the universe and defending planets from destruction at the fins of their queen's brother: a giant sort of space narwhal made of planets wrapped around a dead heart. It is important to note that this bloody heart of the thinking, acting creature is dead, since that makes it okay that Superman, after losing consciousness but not his breath, STABS THE HEART WITH A SWORD NOT KILLING THE NOT ALIVE CREATURE.

The Atomic Knights, realizing that this puny Earthling they were just trying to kill for touching them is actually a hero, make Superman their new king and he sends them back home to find a new mission. And two of three male members are apparently gay . . . not that there's anything wrong with that . . . because they both seem to fall for Supes. Oh, and all of this paragraph that I am writing right now happens entirely in the last panel.

AND . . . the knights speak every second sentence in iambic pentameter, and the rest like the cast of "The Jersey Shore".

Oh, and there's a backup "World of Krypton" with Lara dumping her fiance, insulting Jor-el, and Zod saving Krypton or some other such nonsense . . . but the main story was too aggravating to pay any attention to the second.

Can I give negative stars?

RATING: 0 zeroes out of 10 zeroes                                                        0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Thanx again, honeycomb! ;*)

Before I say bye for the week Superman's underwear reminded me of some thing that I wanted to mention! ;)

I have been reading a lot of comments about how Supergirl used to wear a skirt...............a woman that can fly wearing a skirt? I understand that it would be more appropriate that she wear pants but I always think of her costume as similar to a cheerleading uniform............they are not 'under wear', they are compression shorts..............either bare or covered by a skirt!

To me this is more covered than............
.............this! Is it not? :S


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