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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

☹ RiP Oracle (1989~2011) ☹

thanx 2 the velvet cyclone! ツ* 
This week is the 1st time that my idea for a blog has changed enugh to make me go back & re do it. If you read comix & are on the inter net which I can only assume that you do since you are reading these words ( ;) ) then you probably have seen DC Comix plan to start all of their comix over at #1 in September. Though I was not happie to lose Gail Simone (♥!) or Scott Snyder on Secret 6, "Birds of Prey" or "Detective Comix" I like to always look on the bright side! I still have Supergirl & Mr. Snyder will still be writing Batman & Dick Grayson ( ;9 ) will still be around as Nightwing & Ms. Simone will be writing "Firestorm" & "Batgirl"...................where my usual cheer gets a little bit interrupted. :(

Stephanie Brown is a wonderful Batgirl with all the joy & brains & sass of the original Batgirl...............Barbara Gordon.

I  Babs! She was also a wonderful Batgirl easily over coming her nature of a young girl spin off of a popular male character...............Batman natch! But Babs is Oracle now & Oracle is so much more than Batgirl could ever be!

I have no unseen reason for loving Oracle............I am not physically challenged or differently abled (please read http://www.newsarama.com/comics/oracle-is-stronger-than-batgirl-110606.html for just such an opinion that is very heart felt!) but for me Oracle represents the
Babs as the kick tuchiest lady in comix!
("Girlfrenzy Batgirl #1"~DC~

truest hero.............a woman on top of the world & brought crashing down only to lift herself back up to even higher heights!

Barbara 'Babs' Gordon is the daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. As a librarian Babs decided to go a little bad girl one Halloween & dress as a female version of Batman for a party. In costume she interrupts a kid napping of Bruce Wayne & single handedly stops the villain Killer Moth & Batgirl was born!

She was actually created for the Adam West tv show, btw!

Batgirl became a famous crime fighter on her own forming a new worlds finest with Supergirl ( ♥! ) & a new dynamic duo with Robin (my little Dickie Grayson ♥!). Babs was tough & smart & capable & remembered fondly by her peers & fans..............but Batgirl is very much in the shadow of Batman...............she even began to question her self in "Crisis on Infinite Earths #4"!

babs! never think that about your self! ("Crisis on Infinite Earths #4"~DC~Wolfman/Pérez)
no! *sniff!* :'( ("The Killing Joke"
1 night at home with her father.............shortly after the ending of the crisis.............Babs ran to answer the door bell. Opening it innocently she finds her self facing the evil Joker. & in 1 of the most horrible & graphic scenes seen in comix to that point Babs is shot through the spine.

The once athletic & boisterous Batgirl was brought crashing to earth. & Babs was at 1st unable to handle the loss of use of her legs. But from the ashes of Batgirl's career with the urging of her family & friends Babs used her mind to create the identity of Oracle............a character born from the internet age using her miss-tery of computers to bring information to all the other heros!

come on! this lady bosses around a
mafia princess & 1 of the gr8test martial
artists in the world! ("Birds of Prey #65"
Oracle became a true modern hero that Superman & Batman depended on! & then she created the team Birds of Prey with her soon to be bff Dinah Lance Drake..............the Black Canary!

Babs surfs the internet able to find all the bad gals & guys.............looking at them through security cameras & talking through cell phones. In the micro processor age Oracle is a goddess!

On the physical side Babs has been shown to be more than able to protect her self.............using her escrima sticks to even beat the man who stole her legs from her............the Joker!

omg! would u mess with this
woman!!!??? ("Oracle The Cure #1"
With friends like Dinah & dependents like Superman & a will they or won't they boy friend like Dick Grayson Babs has become the woman I want to be!

There are other comic book characters who are differently abled like Daredevil or Doctor Midnight............but they have super powers that make their blindness seem to be not so real. Niles Caulder & Charles Xavier are paraplegic but were introduced that way. With Babs we watched her fall & crawl her way back! We see her pain occasionally as she remembers jumping from roof top to roof top as Batgirl & we feel her joy as she time & time again proves that her mind makes her the heroic woman that she is!

The most important clue to the importance & power of Oracle is that she is a member of the greatest super team in the DC universe! Oracle joined the Justice League of America!

oracle makes the big justice
league! ("JLA #16"~DC
DC has announced that it will be starting a new Justice League using their big characters Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern & Aquaman & some other characters based around them...............in a team that already has a Batman a Batgirl becomes not so necessary no matter how awe some she is! Oracle though would fit in as being able to do what none of the other characters can do!

Barbara Gordon started as an average woman who proved her self a hero by putting on a costume & following in the foot steps of Batman & Robin. She soared higher than any one expected until she was shot down..............an act that many fans questioned as being too excessive & what may have even seen the start of the women-in-refrigerators incidents. She then climbed her way back to be an even greater & more relevant hero..............a hero that uses computers to do what even Wonder Woman or Superman or Batman can not do! Oracle is not only a hero she could be a real hero in the real world!

happy but sad! :( ("JLA #41"~DC~
When DC Comix said that they would be creating new comix that were unique & distinct I thought for sure Birds of Prey would be staying the same. But then they announced it would be changing & I thought for sure that Babs would be come the new guiding hand behind Steph Brown's Batgirl. Oracle is such a unique & important character. I am happy that Gail Simone will be writing Babs' on going adventures & I am sure that they will be fun & enjoyable............& may be the way that Babs regains the use of her legs will even be satisfying some how............but the loss of Oracle hurts me. :'(


  1. I am in total agreement with everything you say here. Well done. Oracle will be missed more than Babs as Batgirl ever was.
    -Mike Tabor

  2. thanx mr tabor! i think losing steph as batgirl mite just make losing oracle even worse! i will miss them both :(