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Monday, June 25, 2012

Before Watchmen~Comedian #1 of 6 (DC)

"Oh. Hi, Jackie. Yeah, I needed a drink. Your boys, they play hard."~Edward Blake / Comedian

writer: Brian Azzarello
artist: J.G. Jones
color: Alex Sinclair
letters: Clem Robins
cover artist: J.G. Jones (shown)
variant covers: Eduardo Risso, Jim Lee with Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair
asst. editor: Camilla Zhang
assoc. editor: Mark Doyle
editor: Will Dennis
(Watchmen created by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons)

Kara's Comic for Comic Book Week June 20th, 2012 is "Smile"............the ist ish of Comedian in the "Beyond Watchmen" series.

Like I said last week about the Silk Spectre I know that this whole series is sooooo controversial but omg it is soooooooooooo good!!!!!!! 8)

J.G. Jones is a fabulous artist & I ed his art work in Final Crisis & the covers of 52 & his ultra realistic versions of real people like Jackie O & JFK & all of his brothers & Marilyn Monroe are incredible! But the star of this ish is Mister Azzarello! I did not expect to enjoy Edward Blake since I am not a fan of violent characters such as the Punisher or Lobo but as Alan Moore did in the original Watchmen Brian Azzarello adds more depth to his character as he is intertwined in the lives of all of the real people that I have mentioned.................through 2 very important events in their lives...............*hint!hint!* & then we also learn may be why Edward sees Moloch The Mystic as some thing of a friend in Watchmen it!

I am even content to see Jackie O portrayed as a bit of the "b" word.............I did not like it & almost deducted points for this but I think that Mister Azzarello deserves very much credit to portray a real person in a very aggressive light! But I hope that some where in this series he sees fit to portray a woman in a favorable light...............this is my 1 warning! `;\

Again I feel badly for Mister Moore but I think that as Mister Gibbons seems to have made peace that this just starts to be more & more just a story that Alan Moore really feels no more attachment to these characters & has grown apart from them................sad but...............omg! These stories have all been soooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!! 80

RATING: 10 buttons out of 10!!!!!!!!

3 more posts until #100!!!!!!! ツ*

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