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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

preview!!!!!! ~ The Evil Tree (Arcana)

"As she starts to run, she sees feet dangling from an evil tree...they sway back and forth in the breeze. 'Bring me my babies,' a voice says from above...as the axe comes down on her head."~the narrator

writer: Erik Hendrix
artist: Daniel Thollin
colorist: Anna Sällström
editor: Amanda Hendrix
ceo & founder: Sean Patrick O'Reilly
vp of publishing: Erik Hendrix
vp of sales: Michelle Meyers
vp of operations: Mark Poulton
senior editor: Amanda Hendrix
exec. administrator: Emma Waddell

Kara's Comic for Comic Book Week May 30th, 2012, is a special preview of "The Evil Tree" by Arcana Studio! I have not done a preview in this way before so I hope that I will honor the creators who have given me this chance!...............thanx, Erik! ;*)

"The Evil Tree" is a self contained graphic novel telling a frightening tale of a group of young 30 something friends spending the weekend in a newly purchased country home in Allegany, New York. The home belongs to Misha & she is accompanied by her fiance Daren & their friends Even, Amarra, Sergio, Daphne & Debby. After a snowy trip on icy roads they reach the home & they find the evil tree outside & the horror story begins! XD

The story progresses very quickly as most horror stories in comic books kindof have to do to maintain the tension. With so many characters this does not really allow for getting to know each of the 7 main characters introduced from the start..............but Mister Hendrix does manage to define each of the characters while putting most of the focus on Misha & Daren to help us to focus & care about them. The story of the original Irish immigrant owners of the house makes the tale unique & special..............told in chapter 2, it is at this point that I felt drawn into the story. :)

The coloring jumped out at me from the very start! Muted mostly but popping off the page at the right moment.........it almost detracted from the art work at 1st until I realized how much the work itself reminded me of "The Walking Dead"............a good thing! The art work seemed to grow darker & more luscious from start to finish............& took on a very "From Hell".............Eddie Campbell.............quality for the tale of the original owners that I just referred to.............even better than "The Walking Dead"! Great job Ms. Sällström & Mr. Thollin! 

"The Evil Tree" is an excellent story to curl up with on a dark & snowy night.............curled up in your sweetie's arms in front of a burning fire with all of the lights out.............& when you reach the end & read of & see Mister Hendrix's inspirations for the story, look out the window at a barren tree & try not to scream! ;b

RATING: 7 evil trees out of 10!!!!

Here is a special preview of the 1st 9 pages of "The Evil Tree"!  ツ* edit: (fyi......."The Evil Tree" is copyright 2012 Arcana Studios Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED........www.arcana.com)

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