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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fables #130 (Vertigo / DC)

"But where is the Bigsby Woof" ~ Junebug

writer: Bill Willingham
artist: Barry Kitson
finishes: Gary Erskine
colors: Lee Loughridge
letters: Todd Klein
cover: Joao Ruas
associate editor: Gregory Lockard
editor: Shelly Bond

(Fables created by Bill Willingham)

In a very quick Kara's Comic for Comic Book Week June 19th, 2013..................."Junebug" is a little fairy tale for just this ish by Misters Willingham & Kitson! :)

Barry Kitson & Gary Erskine were probably selected by Bill Willingham for this story as the art work matches this little story of 'young daughter of two former wooden children of Geppetto' as she explores the new castle home of the Fables & finds some suspicious rat creatures in the basement! :)

I would have liked if the rat creatures did not seem soooooo sinister in a story that was mostly very light ed & innocent but I am very happy that Junebug was the star for June even 'if only by virtue of her name'! ;)

RATING: 8 & ½ junebugs out of 10!!!!!!!!


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