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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Supergirl #50 (DC)

"This week's topic: Supergirl--Hero or Menace?"~Ron Troupe.


That quote actually comes from the backup story by Helen Slater (writer.....&, let's face it, the "!" on the cover was not really required), Jake Blake (OTHER writer), Cliff Chiang (artist, *luv him*), Dave McCaig (colorist), and Jared K. Fletcher (letterer). Just to get it out of the way, the backup's pretty good (especially the art), but it's just your standard, everyday backup story.......doesn't really mean anything, but doesn't hurt anything either (and the quote pretty much sums it up.......& the question doesn't get answered in case you're wondering! 8-( ).

The main story by Sterling Gates (writer), Jamal Igle (penciller), Jon Sibal & Mark McKenna (inkers), Nei Ruffino with Pete Pantazis (colorists), and Jared K. Fletcher (letterer). So we have a tangentially appropriate tale called "Queen" connected to the "World Against Superman" storyline, but quite well tied to the current Supergirl storyline where Lana Lang recently died of an unknown chronic disease. And anyone who knows Lana's history might be able to guess to what the "Queen" title refers.

In brief, Supergirl, with the help of Gangbuster (who I get) and the second Dr. Light (where'd she come from), must save Metropolis from a threat created by Lana Lang's death. Then, Supergirl realizes she's not a human being and leaves Earth for New Krypton.

Not trying to spoil the story, it doesn't doesn't sound great, but it's actually quite well written with respect to the plot. Even the characterization is fine, but I just can't accept that Kara is a 17 year old girl. I realize she's actually from an advanced race, but she just seems too mature and educated for the character to even exist......why bother?

The artwork is perfectly acceptable, if not spectacular (to be honest, I did prefer the art in the backup story).

There is one unforeseen development with Lucy Lane (Lois' sister?), who died quite definitively several issues ago (she was the new modern age Superwoman), that kicks off and ends the headline story.

One more note: the cover is by the late Michael Turner.......it's quite definitive and pretty. Turner had a very distinctive style that worked well on his own characters, but had a certain sameness (read: thin-as-rail-ness) in female characters he hadn't created. Having said that, the more I look at it, the more like it.

Although I was hoping for something a little more feminine.......

RATING: 7 "S"-shields out of 10

For anyone that follows me on Twitter, you know I may be a little prejudiced, but I really think that this was pretty well done. In case I'm a little out of perspective, here's a great Supergirl website (maidofmight.net/) and my favorite Supergirl video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcbXApjPOAY) to make up for it.


  1. i forgot! i've got to say, i DEFINITELY prefer the red skirt to the blue!!!!

  2. I too prefer the red skirt! I love the cover art on this one, I was so thoroughly bummed when Michael Turner passed away, he was a big influence artistically, I learned a lot about drawing from looking at his artwork....