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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wonder Woman #41 (DC)

"Did she just punch me into Canada?"~Princess Diana of Themyscira (Wonder Woman)

Writer: Gail Simone (♥!)
Artists: Chris Batista & Fernando Dagnino (miscredited to Aaron Lopresti on the cover)
Inkers: Doug Hazlewood & Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover Artist: Aaron Lopresti
Associate Editor: Sean Ryan
Editor: Brian Cunningham
(Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston)

Comic Book Week: February 24th, 2010.

Trying something new this week.......let me know what you think!

So I was torn a little this week. Batman & Robin #9 (Bat-Wing.......yum! ;-9) was really good, but that "Canada punch" put Di over the top! (B&R was really better taking #8 from last month and telling the whole story)

This issue was also continued from last month as the children of Ares (from the previous arc) have been wandering through Washington DC making good people do bad things. And at the end of the previous issue the latest victim is Power Girl. After a brief interlude with the new character Achilles, we jump right into the WW/PG smackdown! Usually, I'm not a fan of *ahem* "cat" fights, but this ISN'T a catfight.......it's a war! It's exciting and suspenseful and powerful and emotional. It's everything a showdown between the two heaviest hitting ladies in comicbookdom should be (okay maybe Shulkie might object). And after the fight's over, things actually get a little boring, even if they wrap up quickly (with a spanking!........NOT OF PG OR WW!!!!).

The art of Lopresti is missed........his replacements aren't quite up to his level. Not sure who drew what, but I think Dagnino draws the main WW/PG story, and does exceptionally well with the fight scenes, but dies off in the quiet times. The framing secondary plots appear to be Batista and are quite stunning.

The coloring and lettering blend nicely.

All in all I enjoyed this story, but the first half was better than the second half, and a shout out to Black Canary (and her previous appearance) is always appreciated.

RATING: 7 invisible planes out of 10 (lol!)

Again, let me know if you like the slightly different format. And READ BATMAN & ROBIN #8 & #9!!!!! Grant Morrison is a genius!!

xoxoxoxoxoxox! mwah!

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