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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Detective Comics #875 (DC)

"The snow always makes me restless--the way it buries everything."~Commissioner Jim Gordon

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Francesco Francavilla
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Mike Marts
Associate editor: Janelle Asselin
Assistant editor: Katie Kubert

(Batman created by Bob Kane)

Comic Book Week: March 30, 2011


Kara's comic this week is "Lost Boys" by the wonderful Scott Snyder who is also responsible for "American Vampire"..........that I ♥LUV♥LUV♥LUV♥!...........with art work by the fabulous Francesco Francavilla..............who I just bet has the sexiest accent! lol! ;)

I missed reviewing it but I thought that Mr. Snyder's 1st issue of this series (#871) was perhaps the best single comic of last year & the best rendition of (♥!) Dick (♥!) as Batman that I have read! He writes (♥!) Bat-Wing (♥!) like a real honest true different Batman from Bruce. Most writers seem to either write him the same or as Nightwing in Batman's costume.........which (♥!) Dick (♥!) is not! He cannot be........he clearly has both grown into the Batman role & tries to exude a more powerful & imposing figure while not completely losing the ease & comfort & humor of his natural character. But I cannot talk too much about (♥!) Dick (♥!) right now because he only appears in this issue for a few panels. This is a Commissioner Gordon story.

In the mentioned 1st issue #871 Commissioner Gordon appears in a back up story that ties into the main Batman story............in SUCH an interesting way!............that has now been completely submerged into the main story line. It tells the return of his son James to his life. James has had a troubled past & this story tells of where that troubled past began as the Commissioner solves a cold case from his own past. These 2 tales drift in & out of each other as the Commissioner makes his way through a snowy Gotham City.

Normally I would either give more description of these characters or links to wikipedia entries but Mr. Snyder writes this story so amazingly stand alone that you do not need to know anything about the characters! Even a prologue with a separate Gotham City Police Detective..........Harvey Bullock for those who know...........blends in deftly. This story could easily be a 1 shot police murder mystery with completely new characters..............but it still drives the story arc that was begun in issue #871! & not to give any thing away but the events herein clearly appear to have some inspiration from the Showtime television show "Dexter".........which is also a fav of mine! All I can say is bravo, Mr. Snyder!

& before I gush too much about the story, Mr. Francavilla inherits the job of the wonderful Jock & does him absolute justice! The story telling is completely there & the muted colors & dark flowing inks add a suitable heaviness to the material. My only...........MINOR!............complaint is that the characters do seem a little bit stiff but the absolute creepiness of little James' Halloween costume made up for all of that & sent a chill down my spine!

If you are not reading "Detective Comics" either start or even better buy the trade paper back of the James Gordon storyline when it is collected!

& as you may have guessed this week's quote was selected as I am stuck indoors with an early spring snow fall happening out doors............ :(

In spite of the snow I am faced with having to give a rating that I have been trying to avoid............


xoxoxo ツ*

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