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Monday, April 11, 2011

Secret Six #32 (DC)

"Hey there, big fella. My name's King Shark. I'm a shark."~King Shark
"Ah. Good choice for a name, then."~Parademon (deceased)

writer: Gail Simone (♥!)
artist: J. Caliafiore
colorist: John Kalisz
letterer: Travis Lanham
assistant editor: Ricky Purdin
editor: Rachel Gluckstern
cover: Dan LuVisi

Comic Book Week: April 6, 2011

Hi! This week Kara's comic is "The Secret Six Hundred and Sixty-Six"!

Not really. Actually it is called "The Darkest Hour, part two of three". So if you read my blog at all you know that I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Gail Simone! I am not usually in to other girls but the lovely & wonderful & talented Ms. Simone has earned my undying devotion. Sadly in this story all of her lovely & wonderful & twisted characters are dead.

Well not really. They are in h-e-double hockey sticks though trying to retrieve a long standing plot device that is a "get out of [there] free" card left over from this title's very 1st story arc. 6er Ragdoll sortof died & took it there with him but 6er Scandal Savage wants to use it to retrieve her deceased girlfriend & former 6er Knockout. The 6 therefore follow Ragdoll "down there" where it seems that he does not want to leave & he decides to put up a fight with an army of the dead...........including other former 6er & also deceased Parademon..........a former........parademon..........of Darkseid. Before the fight starts though, 6er Catman ( ;9 ) sneaks off with guide The Demon to find............some one.............close to him & act like the total hard case that we have come to know & lust! & just to get you up to speed the rest of the 6 are Deadshot........he likes to shoot people, Bane.............he hurt Batman, Jeannette..........she is a banshee who has a wardrobe that I want, and King Shark...........he is a shark.

The story is of course fabulous & funny as always but Caliafiore is perhaps the real star of this story with his dark & detailed angular style bringing all the demons & dead bad guys to life...........um, even though they are dead. I did not particularly like the cover but I know that I can not have every thing that I want. The book is a little...........not prettie? But I know that for the sake of this story that it can not be so that is okay. Even after the story line where Catman ( ;9 ) killed a lot of people with a lot of blood this book makes me a little bit *ooky!* but I think that it is supposed to...........so my discomfort will in this case make me recommend it more!

My only fear? If you noticed I counted 7 members of the Secret Six..........& I am really nervous that 1 of them is not coming back! Ragdoll is soooooooo much fun even if he thinks he is "going sane", Scandal is a strong & unique a woman & far too valuable as a character with all of her relationships.........Bane, Liana (her current gf), Knockout, Vandal Savage (her dad), & even Deadshot (they have a great chemistry for 2 characters that really do not like each other)........., Catman is just *yummy!*, Deadshot is too important as a Batman villain & Suicide Squad member, Bane has never been as fabulous a character as now, & this issue alone has reminded how much I ♥ Jeanette...........another strong & unique woman sooooooo far above & beyond the "Jeanette prototype" Silver Banshee! The only character that I have not grown attached to yet is King Shark which makes him the most obvious..........which also makes him the least likely in the hands of Gail Simone! & even worse I had forgotten how much I missed Parademon! :'(

This was not my most favorite issue of the series but still easily my favorite comic book this week!

RATING: 8½ Jeanettes (after Caliafiore) out of 10!

Before I leave for this week IDW released Godzilla Kingdom of Monsters with a series of covers showing the store fronts of the comic book shops that ordered 500 or more (I think........I may have got that number wrong!). Here is the version from my LCS (local comic shop natch!)........the greatest comic shop in the world!........Strange Adventures! (Halifax!) (by.........I think..........Gordon Purcell & Mark Farmer):

♥ you guys! ツ*

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