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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Captain America & Thor, The Mighty Fighting Avengers Free Comic Book Day (Marvel)

"I just got here...unexpectedly. What's your excuse?"~Captain America

writer: Roger Langridge
artist: Chris Samnee
colorist: Matthew Wilson
letterer: VC's Rus Wooten
cover: Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson
editors: Sana Amanat &Michael Horwitz
editor in chief: Axel Alonso
chief creative officer: Joe Quesada
publisher: Dan Buckley
executive producer: Alan Fine

Comic Book Week: May 4, 2011 (free comic book day edition!)

I was looking for Archie's free "Pep Comics" but my lcbs........local comic book shop natch!.......was sold out so this week Kara's comic is "Once and Future Avengers!"

& I am soooo glad it is! As before Marvel..........as they should..........are trying to take advantage of the 2 movies that they have just released and / or are shortly releasing............"Thor" & "Captain America: the First Avenger". & they threw in the kitschie title to tie them together! & it works fabulously!!!!!!!!!

The art work is fun & works in the world war 2 & modern era & ancient camelot where the heroes meet. The story is fun & light & manages to fit in the continuity of the movie........"Thor" was great btw!..........& the comix without being tied to any of them. The whole comic just tells a neat little tale of Captain America & Thor meeting for the first time to fight Thor's brother Loki's scheming & ties up in a fun little bow at the end.

My only 2 complaints are that it would have been even more fun if Iron Man were included & I wish there would be more of Samnee & Langridge next month! :'(

RATING: 9½ betties out of 10!

& just to let you all know I ♥ed "Thor"! Chris Hemsworth is gorgeous! :9

But not as gorgeous as ♥RDJ in "Iron Man"♥!!!!!!!

until next time yall! lol! ;*)

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