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Monday, May 23, 2011

Opposite day! ツ*

No jumping ahead! ;)

RATING: 6½ pumps out of 10!

Yah I am writing this ep in reverse! May be you can guess what book I am writing about by the end.........or the start? O,o lol!

The cover by Adam Hughes is the normal Adam Hughes.............gorgeously decorated & rendered to look like it could be from a camera............except no woman alive could look like that & only in play boy magazine would she dress like that! But the dress is some what acceptable for this character as she does have reason to dress that way..............& she does not run & jump & kick like many of her peers.

The story by Paul Dini is very good but is just a little bit boring! Nothing really happens but it does set up & continue to set up some future story lines that I am growing very curious about..........the dream sequence at the beginning that the main character has leaves me very curious about what the mystical mystery around her assistant Mikey..........that has been hinted at previously...........might be. & Brother Night by the end of the story is becoming very formidible..........particularly with his new tie to Detective Colton..........an obvious love interest for the main character. & the last plot item of interest is the interaction of the main character with the all powerful Spectre..........she easily holds her own proving Dini does know her character & can make her quite enjoyable if he wants to! But why would the story even try to make us believe that the Brother Night character as powerful as he is would be locked up in a normal prison! That just seems silly! O,o

But the art work is why you should buy this book & it is the art work that gave it at least 1 extra shoe ( ;b ) in my rating! Jamal Igle is fabulous! He tells the story but makes it very pretty & can handle the action scenes & the quiet moment & the humor particularly well..........which is important to this character to convey her sense of humor! She would not be Zee with out it!

Yah! Kara's comic this week is "The Cat With The Crystal Ball Eye"...............

Zatanna #13 (DC)

arrataZ annataZ~"!ehcoud cimsoc uoy, thgif yna tneverp ot ereh m'I"

writer: Paul Dini
penciller: Jamal Igle
inker: Jon Sibal
colorist: John Kalisz
letterer: Pat Brosseau
associate editor: Chris Conroy
editor: Joey Cavalieri
cover: Adam Hughes

(Zatanna created by Gardner Fox)

Comic book week: May 18th, 2011

Eyb, lla! 'Kay that is the end of my back ward talk this time! To help read that Zee line above you can go to my last Zatanna #5 review & find a back wards talk reverser! bit.ly/zatanna5 ツ*

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