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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cinderella-Fables Are Forever #6 (Vertigo/DC)

"Bigby may have HIS rules of combat, but I've come up with a few of my OWN over the years. And the one that seems to apply in these circumstances is Cinderella's first rule. 'If the shoe FITS, it's YOURS, baby.'"~Cindy

writer: Chris Roberson
artist: Shawn McManus
colors: Lee Loughridge
letters: Todd Klein
consultant: Bill Willingham
cover: Chris Zullo
asst. editor: Gregory Lockard
editor: Shelly Bond

(Fables is created by Bill Willingham)

Comic book week: July 26th, 2011

Kara's comic this week is the last part of the current Cinderella series. :(

& the last words in this comic are "the end?" Please please please please please please Mr Roberson write more! Cindy (Cinderella of the fables.........natch! ;b) is a secret agent working for the big bad wolf (Bigby............get it? Big. B.? lol!) that is a lot like James Bond. But Cindy dresses better & has better taste in shoes...........which plays in to the story soooooo well! Roberson's story is just a super fun spy battle between Cindy & Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! How can you not like that! X))

The story got a little bit slower in the middle than the previous story did but picks up in this ish..........the largest fault is that it left me wanting more & not sure if I will get it! :`(

The art work is simple & uncomplicated but tells the story soooooo well while the cover looks like it comes straight off of a 1st edition of the brothers Grimm!

I just can not say how highly I recommend this book! Buy the tpb.........trade paper back natch! ;b

RATING: 8½ silver slippers out of 10!!!!

& here is a preview of Cindy`s bff Snow White in her new movie! ツ*

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