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Monday, July 4, 2011

Scott Snyder Bogo 2!!!! 8O

With the recent news that DC was going to re start their super hero universe making me sad ( :( ) I have found a bright spot! One week a month will not have to be all about my devotion to Mr. Scott Snyder! lol! ;)

Comic book week: June 29th, 2011..............

Detective Comics #878 (DC)

"Practicing my backstroke. Now ask Tiger Shark why he killed Evelyn Marr?"~Dick Grayson (♥!)

writer: Scott Snyder
artist & cover: Jock
colors: David Baron
letters: Sal Cipriano
assistant editor: Katie Kubert
associate editor: Janelin Asselin
editor: Mike Marts

(Batman created by Bob Kane)

I have 5 men in my life..........my father, my boy friend, Dick Grayson, Jock & Scott Snyder! 9,9

& this makes me very jealous of Katie Kubert & Janelle Asselin since they get to work with 3 of them every month! >:( (lol!)

This the 3rd & final part of "Hungry City" where Dick as the new & I wish on going Batman must find the killer of Evelyn Marr..........assistant to Sonia Branch..........the daughter of Tony Zucco who killed Dick's parents. & we get to see more of Jimmie Gordon........son of Commissioner Gordon and half brother of Barbara Gordon............the once Oracle & future Batgirl.

This story is funny & genius & disturbing & just uh!!!!!!!!! Buy the tpb..........trade paper back natch!...........I do not want to spoil any thing!

Look at the cover! Jock does the art work in side as well & it is just as lavish! It is very Vertigo sort of work but will appeal more to the straight forward super hero fan. & the colors are absolutely gorgeous! I think that Jock & Mister Baron could easily create a wonderful new world if they became the art team on the new Aquaman title!............the villain in this ish is Tiger Shark & much of it is under water btw!

& after all of this fabulous art work & story telling & Dick ( ! ) I still felt that I should not make this Kara`s comic again............until the last page took my breath away! I think that the only thing that could have possibly drawn me in more would have been a full page spread of Dick looking deep in to my eyes & saying, "Kara...........come away with me! Run along the Seine in the moon light with me & I will buy you all the diamonds & Loubis & the sweetest champagne & the darkest swiss chocolate that you desire!"

I am sorry but I need a glass of water! 

RATING: 9½ Nightwings out of 10!

American Vampire #16 (Vertigo/DC)

"You have to play like you're playing your last gig. Every time. Play like death is at your side, her cold chin on your shoulder, because she's exactly the girl your trying to take home."~Henry Jones

writer: Scott Snyder
art & cover: Rafael Albuquerque
colors: Dave McCAIG
letters: Pat Brousseau
assistant editor: Joe Hughes
editor: Mark Doyle

(American Vampire created by Snyder & Albuquerque)

The only way that I can really describe "Ghost War Part 4" is ladies please have your id ready! Dick Grayson is for the girls but Skinner Sweet is for the women! Even with the final page of Detective Comix!

But really the star of the book is actually Pearl Jones who only appears on 1 page!

Pearl & Skinner are the American Vampires & they are suddenly in the middle of world war 2 in Taipan. Pearl's husband Henry & Skinner have been taken prisoner by the Japanese & Pearl is a little bit up set! & there are new vampires that are some how tied to the Japanese & they may be stronger than Pearl & Skinner...........there! Hop in!

This is a war story & a vampire story but it is soooooooo much more! Rafael's art work is very dark & disturbing but it draws you in much like True Blood...........but much more Eric than Bill. & Pearl is Sookie Stackhouse but only the strong side!

If super heros are a power fantasy for boys then American Vampire is very much the same for girls!............oopsie! I mean WOMEN! & so for the rating once again...............

RATING: 9½ Nightwings out of 10!

*hugs&kisses!* ツ*

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