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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain America #1 (Marvel)

"Why...Dum Dum Dugan...dis you just go all sappy on us?"~Sharon Carter

writer: Ed Brubaker
penciller: Steve McNiven
inker: Rags Morales
colorist: Justin Ponsor
letterer & production: VC's Joe Caramagna
cover art: McNiven, Morales & Ponsor
variant covers: John Romita Sr., Joe Sinnott & Val Staples; Neal Adams & Justin Ponsor, Olivier Coipel
associate editor: Lauren Sankovitch
editor: Tom Brevoort
editor in chief: Axel Alonso
chief creative officer: Joe Quesada
publisher: Dan Buckley
executive producer: Alan Fine
(Captain America created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby)

Comic book week: July 13th, 2011

This week Kara's comic is "American Dreamers Part 1" or the restart of Captain America again after I do not think too long since the last Captain America #1. Mostly it is to show off Mister McNiven's signature on the cover! ;) Cool beans rite?

Steve McNiven is a fabulous artist & let me say a really nice guy!

So yah I can not criticize the art.........& that includes the inking & the coloring.........this comic is gorgeous!

& Ed Brubaker always tells an engrossing story & stand alone this story is a lot of fun...........in it Steve Rogers is becoming Captain America again after the events of Fear Itself have caused Bucky Cap to go away..........I do not want to spoil it if you have not read it! & Steve & Sharon Carter........his gf & Shield partner..........& Nick Fury are attending Sharon's aunt Peggy's funeral in Paris, France, when they are ambushed. & the story goes on from there with flash backs to Steve & Peggy during world war 2.

So this comic book is fabulous! But it just seems hurt by what seems to be such a like stop & go plot with Steve kindof starting as Captain America anew at the start of the last series & then dying & Bucky becoming Cap & Steve coming back to life to be like a new Nick Fury & then Bucky going away & Steve becoming Cap again! *gasp!*

& that is the 2nd time this week I lost all my breath after writing in all those creators at the start! 8O

Okay so I want to end with a good thing so I will just say I am really looking forward to Chris Evans in "Captain America: The First Avenger" this week end! ;9 ............he looks sooooooo hot! ♥

RATING: 7 Chris Evans out of 10!!!!!

& you better have read Detective Comix too! ;*) xoxoxoxoxox

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