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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Good ☺ , The Bad ☹ & The Ugly ☠ Part 2!

Yah it has been a whole month since I did the good & the bad & the ugly so I decided to try it again! So for Comic book week August 3rd, 2011 here we go again!

Secret Six #36 (DC)

writer: Gail Simone
artist: J. Calafiore
colorist: John Kalisz
letterer: Travis Lanham
cover: Calafiore with Kalisz
assistant editor: Rickey Purdin
editor: Rachel Gluckstern

"Caution to the Wind Part Two of Two: Blood Honor"

This is the final issue & I am sad. :'(

Continued from the last part where Bane..........the villain in the new Batman movie btw!............has decided that he has to really beat Batman before he dies & goes to hell because he has found out that he is not the honorable person that he thought that he was.

good is bad & bad is good & i am soooooooo confused & happy & sad! o,O

So he leads the 8 members of the 6 to Gotham City to tear out Batman's heart in a very unique way. Only 1 of the 6 betrays him & we get a great big free for all! & Bane, Catman ( ;;9 ), Scandal Savage, Jeannette, Knockout, Deadshot, Ragdoll, King Shark........he's a shark! lol!.......& the new member from last ish get a wonderful big fight scene to go away with a splash!

The art work by Calafiore is fabulous as always & the colors & letters & inks are vibrant & exciting & tell the story that had to be told..........as much as I & all the 6 fans do not want to read it.

As it has from the beginning though, the Secret 6 is Gail Simone's comic & she ends the story as only she could...........though I can not imagine how the cliff hanger she leaves the story with can play forward with the new DC universe coming up...........even if it does involve the 1 character that is least likely to change. But she manages to let the characters say good bye to the readers & to each other. Then the ending some how even apparently sets up some of the characters for the up coming Suicide Squad! 8)

Compared to many of the ending story lines of the current DC comix this makes the ending look & feel easy.............& for that Secret Six #36 gets Kara's 2nd ever................

RATING: 10 goods out of 10!!!!!!

Secret Six #36 (DC)

writer: Gail Simone
artist: J. Calafiore
colorist: John Kalisz
letterer: Travis Lanham
cover: Calafiore with Kalisz
assistant editor: Rickey Purdin
editor: Rachel Gluckstern

"Caution to the Wind Part Two of Two: Blood Honor"

As Jeannette told Scandal above...........the week the good & the bad are all the same this week! Because the end of Secret 6 is the worst thing in comix this week! :'(

From the 1st appearance of this Secret 6 in Villains United, Gail Simone has lead the losers of the 6 to greatness.

Catman went from plump to sexy...........

Bane became once again a man to be feared...........

Jeannette became 1 of my new favorite characters..............

Deadshot became a bad bad man but a bad bad man with his own moral code.............
Scandal Savage earned a place higher than her father Vandal as a villainess in the DC universe............

The Mad Hatter became a  major villain &  we began to care about Knockout & King Shark............
& of course Ragdoll was responsible for my personal fav quote of all time!

"I was thinking what it's like to be abandoned and tortured and abused and forgotten. When your life is so worthless that your only degraded value to anyone is when your pain gives them amusement, and the person entrusted to care for you sees you as more disposable than used tissue. But then I thought......'I wonder what it's like to ^%$# a butterfly?'"

Thanx to Ms. Gail Simone & Mr. Calafiore & Nicola Scott & Dale Eaglesham & Wade Von Grawbadger  & Val Semeiks & Brad Walker & all of the wonderful creators that have made the Secret 6ers the most wonderful guilty pleasure for soooooo long! & I hope that they will not be gone for too long!

*sniff!* :'(

RATING: 10 bads out of 10!

Wonder Woman RetroActive 1980s #1 (DC)

1st story~"Double Double..."
writer: Roy Thomas
penciller: Rich Buckler & Tim Smith 3 & Carlos Rodriguez
inkers: Joe Rubinstein & Jack Purcell & Norman Lee & Carlos Rodriguez
colorist: Kevin Colden & special thanks to Matthew Petz
letterer: Travis Lanham
cover pencils & inks: Rich Buckler
cover colors: Kevin Colden
assistant editor: Chynna Clugston Flores
editor: Kwanza Johnson
(Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston)

2nd story & reprinted from Wonder Woman #288~"Swan Song"
writer: Roy Thomas
penciller: Gene Colan
inkers: Romeo Tanghal
colorist: Carl Gafford
letterer: Ben Oda
editor: Len Wein
technical advisor: Gerry Conway

RetroActive in case you are not aware are a number of comix DC has been publishing that tell stories from the 1970s & 1980s & 1990s using the classic characters & their creators from that time as much as possible. The story is paired with an actual story from that time & the 2 try to use many of the same characters & sortof related plots & similar art work styles. In this Wonder Woman story that is from the 1980s style........before Crisis On Infinite Earths..........Diana encounters Doctor Psycho & the Silver Swan to save Colonel Steve Trevor.........which is really kindof fun when you think about it! lol!..........& tries to help her friend & room mate Etta Candy to stay on her diet. & we get to see the spinning to change her costume & her invisible jet..........in both stories. But what sets the 2 stories apart is in the reprinted story where Diana Prince reports to her superior General Darnell...........

ick!..........just ick! XP
.............seeing Princess Diana of Themiscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, the Amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman..........sexually harassed made me uncomfortable & maybe a little bit sick..............

Also the art work for the original story looked more like it was from the 1990s.

RATING: I am sorry but I would really rather not rate this 1 :(

Well that was 2 much of a downer to end on...................this makes me happy.............especially around the middle!

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