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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kara's Comic Blog #50!

Kara's Comic for July 27th, 2011 is.......................me! lol! ;*)

I ♥ you all but I need a little break this week! It is hot & the lightning means it is probably not very wise of me to be using my computer. So I will dedicate this week to Robert Downey Junior & Chris Evans........because "Captain America~The 1st Avenger" SOOOOOOOO makes me want to see "The Avengers" right now!............& really quickly are my 2 favs this week...............

Detective Comics #880 (DC)
by Scott Snyder & Jock

The cover of this issue is amazing!

"My Dark Architect" almost wraps up the last story line & the end of the series before DC re starts every thing in September & I can finally stop telling you all how fabulous Scott Snyder & Dick Grayson are together! ;9

9 smilies out of 10!!!!!

Criminal~The Last Of The Innocent #2 (Icon/Marvel)
by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

I am a little bit embarrassed that both of the comix that I am mentioning this week are about crime & murder but Ed Brubaker is just such a fabulous writer & the satire of this comic just makes me want to giggle for all the wrong reasons! You really must read this & think about a certain red headed teenager & the 2 girls perpetually chasing him.........I always feel bad for Reggie..........I do not think that he is really a bad guy deep down but just frustrated! :)

8 smilies out of 10!!!!!



  1. Omg! I 4got 2 credit the velvet cyclone 4 my b u t full anniversary cover! <3 it honeycomb! Xoxoxoxoxox :*)
    Oc u 4got 2 credit me on the cover! ;b

  2. I was in a hurry! And . . . and . . . oops.