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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DC New 52 Final Report Card

Kara's comic for Comic book week October 28th, 2011 is all of them! lol!

I wanted to go through all of the DC comix #1 ishes that I have read...........so some of them are repeats but I thought that I could put them all in 1 place! Hope you all enjoy it! *

Action Comics #1 (DC)
"Stay in touch."~Lex Luthor
(Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Rick Bryant)

As a stand alone ish this was very good..........I am a huge fan of Grant Morrison & Rags Morales & I ♥ed All Star Superman & Identity Crisis.............but this is not Kal-el. Superman is supposed to be better than all of us. Superman is not supposed to be edgy. Superman is supposed to be the boy scout that teen agers do not like until he flies in at the speed of light through a wall of fire carrying a wounded puppy & rescues them & flies off to beat up Godzilla after saying, "Eat your vegetables!" Superman is supposed to be a super man that all of us girls want to marry & all of you guys wish you could be like. :( .......but Kal swearing is fine! ;b
CONDITIONAL PASS: ☑ ........but I will be watching! `;/

All Star Western #1 (DC)
"It means ah wuz wrong, an' things are gonna get a lot more dangerous fer us."~Jonah Hex
(Justin Grey, Jimmy Palmiotti, Moritat)
I am not a western fan but I bought this when many of the other comix I wanted were sold out.........& it was a wonderful surprise! The art work is fabulous & the story very thrilling! I may not buy it for ever but I am definitely interested in ish #2!

Animal Man #1 (DC)
"I-I'm sorry, daddy. I just wanted a pet of my own."~Maxine Baker
(Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, Dan Green)

OMG! This was my favorite ish of the week! Very much true to Buddy Baker's.........Animal Man's natch!........Vertigo history with what is probably Travel Foreman's best art work to date & brought out indescribably by Dan Green! I will definitely be getting ish #2! & I hope that it requires as many !!!!! to review! ;)


Aquaman #1 (DC)
"There's food up here."~ um.........some thing? 9,9
(Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado)

OMG! Aquaman is cool! & kindof sexy! Best ish of the week!


Batgirl #1 (DC)
"...what have I done?"~Barbara Gordon / Batgirl
(Gail Simone ♥, Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes)

Ok...........so I feel bad saying that Batwing & Animal Man were the 2 best............Gail Simone's writing on Batgirl is perfect..........she soooooo clearly knows Barbara Gordon`s character! & Syaf & Cifuentes art work is fun & vibrant & the most traditional of the 3 comix that I have reviewed so far.............but in a very brilliant way!

But I miss Oracle. & the time line that Babs was Batgirl then Oracle then Batgirl again does not make sense! Frustrated! :(

Batman #1 (DC)
"Because above everything, Gotham is...a mystery."~Detective Harvey Bullock
(Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion)

Very much my fav of the week! I wonder if this was what Mister Snyder intended to be the next story arc in Detective Comix before the new universe started! It is very good & really does not need to be part of the new DC...........but why is Dick Grayson sooooo short? `:S

Batman & Robin #1 (DC)
"It's time to pay Bruce Wayne a visit."~mysterious erasing things guy
(Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray)

This is the 4th Batman appearance that I have seen in the new DC..........not counting his tiny little moment in Batwoman #1.............& I do not think that I really like the new touchie feelie Bruce Wayne! O,o

Bruce Wayne is now going to celebrate Martha & Thomas anniversary instead of their deaths............if that were Dick Grayson........ ;9 ............I would  it..............but just not Bruce! :(

Batman The Dark Knight #1 (DC)
"You can call me One-Face Now."~One-Face?
(David Finch, Paul Jenkins, Richard Friend)

I was just not interested in this. The art work was nice but the dialogue just seemed very............um...............by the book..........? Sorry! :(

Batwing #1 (DC)
"You are late for work."~Massacre
(Judd Winick, Ben Oliver)

This comic book is high on the list of those that are predicted to end 1st since it has a character just barely introduced before the restart who also happens to be a minority character based in Africa................& that would be sooooooooo unfair! The only ish close to Buddy Bakers' with fabulous art work! I will also definitely be buying ish #2!


Batwoman #1 (DC)
"I have a proposition for you..."~Bruce Wayne / Batman
(J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman)

Fabulous art work & a compelling story that we have waited soooooooo long for!

I will come back for more next ish! XD

Birds Of Prey #1 (DC)
"I can barely hear myself scream."~Dinah Lance Drake / The Black Canary
(Duane Swierczynski, Jesus Saiz)

The new Birds are not my old ed Birds...........but I kindof enjoyed this 1st ish! All except Dinah meeting with Babs.........are they not bffs any more? I could not sense the love that these 2 women should have for each other! :(

But I will buy ish #2 if for no other reason than I am very curious how Dinah fits if her mom was not Black Canary 1st. `:S

BlackHawks #1 (DC)

Blue Beetle #1 (DC)
"Khaji-Da!"~Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle
(Tony Bedard, Ig Guara, Ruy José)

Blue Beetle was fun but it confused me as to if the 2 previous Blue Beetles still exist. `:S

& if Jaime is just becoming Blue Beetle in this ish then why was he considered for Justice League International membership 2 weeks ago?

It was fun & the art work was nice but it did not seem to add any thing to what made Jaime a great character before the new DC started. 
Catwoman #1 (DC)
"ew."~Kara when she read the last page of Catwoman #1
(Judd Winick, Guillem March)

Catwoman #1 was disgusting & misogynistic & I would  to know from any of the men reading if this is actually what you want from a woman...........or from pornography?

& also just to comment on the points that make it silly out side of the obvious............how can Bruce know where Selina lives but not know her real name? Really?

Captain Atom #1 (DC)

DC Universe Presents #1 (DC)
Deathstroke #1 (DC)
"...Be a good dog and clean up the mess."~Wilson Slade / Death Stroke
(Kyle Higgins, Joe Bennett, Art Thibert)

No...........too violent.

I wanted to try some thing that did not immediately attract me & the team up of younger proteges almost brought me in............but then the end happened & the line above sounds like an unused line from Sean Connery in that movie "Finding Forrester".

Demon Knights #1 (DC)
Detective Comics #1 (DC)
"Tonight we will both celebrate our rebirth."~Dollmaker
(Tony S. Daniel, Ryan Winn)

The only way that I can describe this ish is that it is like the new friendly Batman got dropped in to the life of the All Star Batman. The art work is kind of pretty though.

Sad that I ♥ed Scott Snyder's run that ended last month but I do not think that I will be buying ish #2. :'(

The Flash #1 (DC)
"You can't outrun......youself?!"~Barry Allen / The Flash
(Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato)

I miss Linda Park & Wally West but this was fun! & the art work did a fabulous job of showing off Barry's speed..........very well done over all! :)

My only tiny little complaint is that Barry seemed like such a new unsure character when he was at the center of the big story line that created this new universe............weird! o,O

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 (DC)
The Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Men #1 (DC)
"Say hello to Fury."~Fury!
(Gail Simone, Ethan Van Sciver, Vildiray Cinar)

I am not sure if the driving force behind the new Firestorm is Gail or Ethan but I definitely will be back to find out! The new Firestorm is very different than the old 1 even if Jason Rusch & Ronnie Raymond & Martin Stein are all represented but the final image sold the concept to me! Cool beans! ;)
Green Arrow #1 (DC)
Green Lantern #1 (DC)
"If you want your ring back, you'll do everything I say."~Sinestro / Green Lantern
(Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy)

I am not really a Hal Jordan fan but I liked the movie...........yah some 1 did! Sooooo I was surprised that I kindof liked this ish. I was kindof not sure whether to buy it or not but I did..............& the art work was pretty & the story was okay. I enjoyed Carol & Hal interacting & Sinestro is very interesting in the role in which he has been placed!

Green Lantern Corps #1 (DC)
"...they murdered an entire race and left us a message."~John Stewart / Green Lantern
(Peter J. Tomasi, Fernando Pasarin, Scott Hanna)

Guy & John are fun in this ish! Even though Guy seems more friendly just like Batman has been. `:S

The art work was also nice & the story could be interesting even though it did not completely draw me in.

Green Lantern New Guardians #1 (DC)
"I am sooo gonna kill whoever put you up to this..."~Kyle Rayner / Green Lantern
(Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham, Batt)

I ♥ Kyle Rayner! Even if they changed some of the details of his creation in this ish..........but not much. Even though I was not blown away the story & art work were good enough to bring me back! :)

Grifter #1 (DC)

Hawk & Dove #1 (DC)
........with no interest......... :(
I, Vampire #1 (DC)
"Take away love and Earth is a tomb."~Robert Browning
(Joshua Hale Fialkov, Andrea Sorrentino)

Kindof a different take on vampires than in American Vampire but as a fan of that & Buffy & Angel & True Blood I thought that I would try it. I was not disappointed even though not much happens in the 1st ish but enough to make me want to see where the story goes next ish.........& the art work is breath taking! :)

Justice League #1 (DC)
"So...what can you do?"~Kal-el/Superman
(Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams)

This comic book has Superman & Batman & Green Lantern as written by Geoff Johns & drawn by Jim Lee...........I will have to keep reading! I am disappointed that I think that I have to wait until the 3rd ish for Diana.........Wonder Woman natch!.........but the whole new universe rotates around this so 1 has to read it to read any thing else really! 9,9

Justice League Dark #1 (DC)
"What are you looking at?"~Shade, The Changing Man
(Peter Milligan, Mikel Janin)

I have to enjoy any story that shows Zatanna Zatarra getting the best of Batman! ;)

& a Ryan Sook cover as well! :)

Justice League International #1 (DC)
"This'll be over----before it's begun!"~Mari Jiwe McCabe / Vixen
(Dan Jurgens, Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan)

I hope this will not be over before it has begun! The current creators are soooooo close to capturing the fun glory of the Giffen, DeMatteis, Maguire Justice League! Great potential but I only have 2 concerns..........Michael..........Booster Gold natch!..........seems very much to be the character that he grew in to at the end of his own comic & even Bruce...........Batman natch!.............seems to remember Michael as the 'greatest hero that you have never heard of'...........but that can not fit in the new universe can it? `; ,

The 2nd is that Bruce seems too friendly! O,o
Legion Lost #1 (DC)
"...What do we do now...?"~Brin Londo / Timber Wolf
(Fabian Nicieza, Pete Woods)

I ♥ Dawnstar & Wildfire!............& the art work was good & the story was okay...........but it was not as compelling as Green Lantern #1. :(

Legion Of Super-Heroes #1 (DC)
"A Daxamite?!"~Reep Daggle / Chameleon Boy
(Paul Levitz, Francis Portela)

This was fun but had a lot of characters & seemed very complicated to start. The art work was ok too but over all I think Legion Lost just seemed more fun & accessible. :(

Men Of War #1 (DC)
Mister Terrific #1 (DC)
"To kill you, senator."~Michael Holt / Mister Terrific
(Eric Wallace, Gianluca Gugliotta, Wayne Faucher)

This was ok but not for me............although it was nice to see Karen Starr.........Power Girl natch!

I do not get the whole point of a story that just keeps telling me how much smarter the main character is than me...........& if Michael shoots the bad guy with positive & negative ions would that not cancel each other out & not magnetize him? ';S

Nightwing #1 (DC)
"Did I mention how good it is to be 'me' again?"~Dick Grayson / Nightwing
(Kyle Higgins, Eddy Barrows, J.P. Mayer)

I miss ♥Dick♥ as Batman.........& do not like the red sigil :( .........but this story is very good & the art work expresses the motion of ♥Dick♥ as an acrobat as well or even better than Barry in The Flash! Back next ish def! :)

O.M.A.C. #1 (DC)

Red Hood & The Outlaws #1 (DC)
...........with concern after all of the criticism of the treatment of Princess Koriander! :(

Red Lanterns #1 (DC)

Resurrection Man #1 (DC)
.........with much interest! :)

The Savage Hawkman #1 (DC)
Static Shock #1 (DC)
"He's dead."~Virule
(Scott McDaniel, John Rozum, Jonathan Glapion, LeBeau Underwood)

Fun! Lot's of fun! Virgil Hawkins........Static Shock natch!..........reminds me sooooooo much of Peter Parker as Spider-man! Actually all of this ish seems very much like Spider-man with a teen aged science nerd being chased around New York by police officers that do not trust him.............& even add in a mentor in a suit of armor.........Hardcase not Iron Man............like just before Marvel's Civil War!

Do not get me wrong! This was fun..........but very familiar........but maybe in a good way. `; ,

Stormwatch #1 (DC)
(Paul Cornell, Miguel Sepulveda)

Nice art work & interesting story. I think that this comic will probably be the 1 to reveal the mystery of the purple lady. But a lot of characters had to be introduced with in a small # of pages. I would like to buy ish #2 to see where the story is going to go but I could also see my my self forgetting & not being too bothered by it. :(

Suicide Squad #1 (DC)
"You have six hours."~Amanda Waller
(Adam Glass, Federico Dallocchio, Ransom Getty)

After reading this ish I was less concerned with the treatment of Harley Quinn's barely there costume & more concerned with what may have happened to Savant from Birds of Prey! Now I need to get the next ish to see what is going on!...........But the way that DC has changed Amanda Waller does seem to add a lot to the opinion that they are doing all of these changes for male readers & leaving out the fan girls! >:(
PASS: for now! `;(

Superboy #1 (DC)
Supergirl #1 (DC)
"I think I'm dreaming again."~Kara Zor-el / Supergirl
(Michael Green, Mike Johnson, Mahmud Asrar, Dan Green)

This new Kara is very different from the previous Karas............but this may be interesting! I will have faith for a little while since the art work is very nice............I am not completely happy with the new costume but it could have been much worse! :/

Superman #1 (DC)
"Oh, shut up and get back in bed!"~Lois Lane
(George Pérez, Jesús Merino)

♥ed the story! ♥ed the art work! ♥ George Pérez! But Clark Kent seems like such a jerk! :(

But then the final scene with him & Lois & his super hearing tore my ♥ out! :(

This will be my Kal-el for awhile instead of the 1 in Action Comix!

Swamp Thing #1 (DC)

Teen Titans #1 (DC)
Voodoo #1 (DC)
"...I'll be right over."~Priscilla Kitaen / Voodoo
(Ron Marz, Sami Basri)

I want to be offended by this ish but the art work is so very pretty & the story looks like it may be going in a very interesting direction...........but an entire ish depicting a lap dance is not for me sorry! :(
Wonder Woman #1 (DC)
"Fascinating."~the bad guy
(Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang)

I think that Diana's new comic book & new look were probably the most talked about of the entire new DC.............& it is ok. Not fabulous but the art work is pretty & the story seems to be starting out ok!

*hugs&kisses!* ツ*


  1. Catwoman #1 was disgusting. I'm a guy and it definitely was not what I want to see in my comics. "Batman the Animated Series" Catwoman for the win.

    I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one disappointed by the end of Deathstroke #1. I liked those "kids." This was a little too Punisher rather than Deathstroke.

  2. i <3 the animated selina 2! & also darwin cookes version which is really pretty much the same :)
    & yah my past experience with deathstroke was only in the classic teen titans & identity crisis & i always saw him as kindof an anti hero not a villain......& i thought the kids were going 2 be like a new titans that he could train.......nope! :(

  3. I just finished reading Deathstroke #2 and it was even worse than Catwoman! I saw the original Deathstroke as a villain at times, anti-hero at others. I remember my first exposure to the character was Deathstroke #13 by Marv Wolfman where he fought the Justice League and clobbered Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Flash, and I thought wow... that guy's the coolest badass ever. This new Deathstroke... I don't know what he is, but it sure isn't a cool badass. So sad.

  4. have u read the new shade series yet? i thought that the appearance of deathstroke there even as brief as it was was much more interesting! :)

  5. No, I haven't. It's on my to-read list. Definitely will check it out soon. I've heard a lot of great things about it.

  6. i look 4ward 2 reading ur revu! :)