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Monday, November 7, 2011

American Vampire #20 (Vertigo / DC)

"And yet even so, I had to know."~the beast in the cave

writer: Scott Snyder
artist: Jordi Bernet
colors: Dave McCaig
letters: Jared K. Fletcher
cover by: Rafael Albuquerque
assistant editor: Joe Hughes
editor: Mark Doyle

(American Vampire created by Scott Snyder & Rafael Albuquerque)

So Kara's comic for Comic book week November 2nd, 2011, is "The Beast In The Cave Part 2".............by the wonderful Scott Snyder! I do not think that I could not like any thing that Mr. Snyder writes so let us just start off by clarifying that this will be a good review! ;)

This is the 2nd part of a story from before Skinner Sweet became the 1st American Vampire............in short hand he can survive sunlight & is more like a rattle snake than a bat................or was he? `:/

It appears that Skinner & his later enemy Jim Book grew up together................an unexpected development that does not go against any of the previous tales surprisingly! But this chapter is mostly the story of a native girl that marries a white man at a very young age & then gets purchased by vampires.............& I do not wish to spoil the story but she does become a vampire that is very central to the story................but then a major twist occurs at the end!

Oh & it is all leading to a tremendous battle between a native band & the military band of which Skinner & Book are members................& Skinner is not about to face the ambush that he sees coming! Exciting! XD

Jordi Bernet is an able replacement for the fabulous Rafael Albuquerque with wonderful scratchie art work that is very reminiscent of a Joe Kubert western story & Mr. McCaig's colors are suitably muted.

This is not my most favorite ish but that might be partly because we are sitting in the middle of the whole story but ask me again after the whole tale has been told! :)

RATING: 7 ½ Pocahantases out of 10!!!!!

 u guys! ツ*

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