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Monday, November 21, 2011

Check In On DC's New 52!

Kara's comic for Comic book week November 16th, 2011 will be a bunch just because I realized that I think that this week in the month looks to be my new fav with the new DC 52! Not that I do not  Batgirl & Aquaman & Animal Man & Batwing but this week seems to be consistently fun!

Batman #3 (DC)
(Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion)

Scott Snyder's Court of Owls story has me riveted! & the best part of the story was the flash back to Bruce Wayne's architect ancestor that started this ish.............Greg & Jonathan's art work is just fabulous in portraying the gothicness of Gotham!

9 Supergirls!!!!!!

Supergirl #4 (DC)
(Michael Green, Mike Johnson, Mahmoud Asrar, Bill Reinhold)

The newest Supergirl was not my fav...........but I am being won over ing the way that Kara truly feels like a stranger dropped in to a strange land............this ish has a feeling like Alice in Wonderland only Alice is from Wonderland & follows the rabbit in to the real world. :)

& although I still do not  her boots the rest of the costume is growing on me.............& Kara gets a power that Kal does not have............or does not know about! 9,9
9 Supergirls!!!!!!

Nightwing #3 (DC)
(Kyle Higgins, Eddy Barrows, Eduardo Pansica)

 Dick Grayson & this new series has been very true to my Dick Grayson! I like that he is being brought back in to the circus life as it creates a very new element that I have not read about in other comix. & even his new love interest Raya is more tolerable to me with this ish's back story on her. :(

Also I do not know if the excuse for the name of Dick's new enemy Saiko is real but it does actually have a meaning in Japan that makes me appreciate its value more! :)
9 Supergirls!!!!!!

Justice League #3 (DC)
(Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams)

Although I could have done with out the very cliche Cyborg parts of this story I really enjoyed the young Wonder Woman! Diana is head strong & ready to fight & but conversely friendly & ing life............& ice cream! :)

The dialogue is not that fabulous...........I did not mind Hal's "dibs" that much as I have found him to be a bit of a jerk since the 1st ish any way :(................but the art work is fun even if Diana's costume is a little more.............less there 9,9.............than in her own comix.
7 Supergirls!!!!!

Birds of Prey #3 (DC)
(Duane Sweirczynski, Jesus Saiz)

I do not  the new Birds of Prey as much as the old Birds of Prey but I can not help but enjoy it! The art work is fabulous & the story line is compelling..............I just try to for get any thing that I ever remember about the characters.

But can some 1 explain to me Poison Ivy? She seems to have new powers that she never had in the old DC doesn't she? o,O
7 Supergirls!!!!!

Wonder Woman #3 (DC)
(Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang)

Please do not think that I placed Wonder Woman sooooo far down this list because I do not enjoy it............I do! Very much so! But not very much happens in this ish! There is a little bit of interaction between Diana & her mother revealing Diana's true father.............it all seems real enough but I just did not feel very much  where there should have been a lot.

But I still did  it! :)
7 Supergirls!!!!!

Captain Atom #3 (DC)
(J.T. Krul, Freddie Williams II)

I think that it is kind of humorous that Doctor Manhattan in The Watchmen was based on Captain Atom & now the new Captain Atom seems so very much not like Captain Atom but more like Doctor Manhattan.............I wonder if I'll ever get to see his............you know? 9,9 lol!

Really this was not bad by any means but I am just not being drawn in.........& the misogyny of Doctor Alexander is very much bothering me! :(
4 Supergirls

Special Bonus Review!

Captain America #4 (Marvel)
(Ed Brubaker, Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, Justin Ponsor)

I had to add Captain America to the list! Steve McNiven's art work has been wonderful through out this series so far! & the story line has been intriguing as well!
9 Supergirls!!!!!!

That was 4 ratings of 9! Fabulous week!

Bye! ツ*

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