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Monday, August 16, 2010

morning glories #1 (Image Shadowline)

"I dunno . . . I think I just fell in love or something."~Hunter

Words: Nick Spencer

Art: Joe Eisma

Colors: Alex Sollazzo

Letters: Johnny Lowe

Design: Tim Daniel

Covers: Robin Esquejo

Editor: Kristen Simon

Publisher: Jim Valentino

Comic Book Week: August 11, 2010

So this week's Kara's Comic is the first of a new series from Image, morning glories....& I am not forgetting the name of the story....it does not seem to have one ("For a Better Future" maybe? O,o). Basically, Morning Glory Academy is "one of the most respected preparatory academies in the country" (3 countries really since some of the students come from Canada & Japan) and their "methods are unconventional". This comic is "Degrassi" if "Degrassi" were a comic book (I know! I know! There's a graphic novel! But I was hoping to make a point here! ツ) & set in a boarding school & with a horrible secret. Okay, its more like "The Covenant". Happy? ツ

We learn very quickly about MGA and find out that it really has a big secret at the heart of its program. Then we meet 6 new students.......the quoted Hunter from Toronto, Casey Blevins from Chicago, Ike from Manhattan, Zoe from San Diego, Jane/Jade from Des Moines, and Fukayama Jun from Tokyo. These students meet & talk & it looks like some of them might be pairing up shortly (maybe Hunter and Zoe/Casey/Jun-Jun's a boy 2 btw-or Ike & Casey). Then they find out that they all have one thing very strange in common (besides all being 16) & that MGA is much more dangerous than they thought.

All in all there is nothing in this story (yet) that is all that original but the art/colors/letters are magnificently beautiful and very reminiscent of Marvel's Runaways.....there is one splash page near the end although that does not seem to entirely fit.....weird! The characters are likable & original. And the story is well told even if it seems very familiar. And the last page cliffhanger is enough to make me want to see what happens next month.

I am not sure why but I like it!

RATING: 6 ½ morning glories out of 10

Morning glories are so pretty! ♥ them! (& the 'not morning glories are supposed to be men in the moon..... 9,9).

Just want to mention a couple of other books that I luved this month. Birds of Prey #4 (DC) was sooooo great, but I almost feel bad for so often rating Gail Simone (♥)! Justice League Generation Lost #7 & Booster Gold #35 (DC) are carrying on the tradition of the Justice League International.......love it! And Zatanna #4 (DC) has been so much fun since the series started, although the artwork was not quite as outstanding this issue.

As always thanx for reading! ツ* xoxoxo!

Here is a beautiful morning glory picture to thank you all! http://bit.ly/morning_glories

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