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Monday, August 9, 2010

iZombie #4 (Vertigo/DC)/Secret Six #24 (DC)

Bogo! 2 Kara's Comix this week because I could not decide which one to review! Ick! Last week's six books are gonna haunt me forever..........

Comic Book Week: August 4, 2010

"Still, not everything buried remains lost and forgotten..."~Amon the mummy

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist & Cover: Michael Allred
Letters: Todd Klein
Colors: Laura Allred
Associate Editor: Angela Rufino
Editor: Shelly Bond

(I, Zombie created by Roberson & Allred.......wait! Is that rite?.......hmmmmmm........well, according to imdb there's a movie by that name too: http://imdb.to/bPuSCx)

iZombie-or I, Zombie, depending on who you were to ask-is the story of gravedigger Gwen Dylan, who is herself a zombie. But unlike other zombies she's pretty normal so long as she eats a brain every once in a while. Being a gravedigger, she just digs up a dead body when she needs to and gets by. Unfortunately she then gets the memories of the person who's brain she's eaten and is forced to fulfill some untended to last wishes. So in "The Magical Memory Tour", Gwen's trying to solve the murder of Fred, the latest man who's brain she ate. The killer appears to be another zombie, the aforementioned Amon the mummy.

Funny but I never thought about the fact that mummys and zombies are really the same creature before! 9,9

So now that Gwen and her bff (literally), the ghostgirl Ellie, have tracked down Amon, who has been a zombie/mummy much longer than she has, he is explaining to her the nature of what she is, while her ex and his partner track down a vampire coven and her current interest, a "were-terrier", plays video games.

And that brings you completely up to speed!

I have sung the praises of Chris Roberson on Cinderella before and Mike Allred is a living legend. Allred's wife Laura is as always along for the ride on colors and Klein's letters are perfectly suitable.

The whole formula is somehow completely complicated and yet so simple. This book is not really stand alone, but you could probably pick up this issue and fall in love. The review is short and sweet but so is the book-not the best but always enjoyable...........

RATING: 8 brains out of 10

"Thought......we might be heroes."~Thomas Blake (Catman :-9)

Writer: Gail Simone (♥)
Artist: Jim Calafiore
Colorist: Jason Wright
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover: Daniel Luvisi
Editor: Sean Ryan

When I turned the first page of this comic I had to review it. Calafiore and Wright created the most beautiful splash page I have ever seen! ♥

Simone (♥) tells a western tale of the main characters that has nothing to do with anything that we have read in this book before & may have nothing to do with anything we will read again but it is powerful and moving and returns the best villain since the Joker in Junior (Ragdoll's sister if you know anything about this book-read my last review here: http://bit.ly/dD9hHs). I really have no idea what this story (called "Unforgivable" btw!) has to do with anything as the Secret Six characters fight Deathstroke and Junior in the old west (Again with the old west! Two reviews of westerns last week & now this!). Catman (yum! 9,9) and Deadshot prove to be total badboys and then everyone dies! The artwork is fantastic (I am a little sorry to say that the cover doesn't quite live up to the inside...... :-( ), the story is thrilling, the characters are great, the letters actually stand out (you need to read Ragdoll's "Punch & Judy" routine!),.........the only fault I can find with this comic book is that it might not make sense to a new reader. I think that it would still be a fun read even if you had no idea who my Catman (again.....yum! :-9) is, but I am not sure-so I am asking anyone reading this right now please read this book and let me know, if you haven't read it before do you like it? I'll be your best friend! ;;-*) lol!

RATING: 9 ½ kittens out of 10

Thanx for reading! ツ* *mwah!*

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