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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Arcadians #1 (Wild River Studios)

"Quite impressive, is it not, Milady?"~Dionysius

Comic Book Week: August 25, 2010

Sorry! I just ran out of time this week! I feel really bad so hopefully this makes up for it.......it's my boyfriend's comic book, issue #1. I have been thinking about maybe having a contest for somebody to win a copy of it. There are only 76 copies in all & he is VERY talented (lol) so it will be VERY valuable someday in my not so humble opinion! ツ

It would be limited to probably continental North America because I have no idea what postage might cost otherwise.......but I am not sure how to judge it. If you have any suggestions let me know! You can tweet me @SupergirlofArgo or friend me on facebook (SupergirlofArgo) or leave a comment here........have not figured out the best way to give out my email address yet but you can find it in either of those 2 places.

And since I am a little biased I don't feel right reviewing it so lets say Kara's comic this week is DC's "Legacies" #4 (of 10). It is a fun little retro biweekly that is worth the read.......and its got short-shorts Dick Grayson ( :9 ♥ ) on the cover!

Sorry to disappoint! I hope to get back on track next week! :( xoxoxoxo!

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