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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ツ 2nd Annual Kara Awards!!!!!! ~ Best Horror Comic Book!!!! ツ

Joining me to present our 1st SG for 2012 is Khloe Kardashian!

1 of the most difficult genres to portray in comix is horror........to convey a sense of terror in the form of picture is a horrifying task to many artists & writers! But some succeed! The nominees for Kara's Favorite Horror Comic Book are..........

1.  "The Walking Dead" from Skybound / Image!

2.  "The Evil Tree" from Arcana!

3.  "Severed" from Image Comics!

4.  "Lot 13" from DC Comics!

5.  "Animal Man" from DC Comics!

In a close race "The Evil Tree" by writer Erik Hendrix, artist Daniel Thollin, colorist Anna Sällström, & editor Amanda Hendrix wins over "Severed" which was mostly a 2011 comic book! The only reason that I hesitated to give the SG to "The Evil Tree" was that it was the only comic book that I have had the privilege to review before its release..........& it scared me half to death!!!!!!!!! It is fabulous! Read it in the dark on a cold winter night! ;b

More awards when the Kara Awards return!!!!!!!!!! ツ*

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