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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ツ 2nd Annual Kara Awards!!!!!! ~ Favorite Artist!!!! ツ

If a person asks another person what the 1st thing that she sees in a comic book is..........she will say the art work. Comix are a visual medium that break all the rules of movies because the artist can show everything she or he wants to! ;)

Kara's favs for 2012 are!

  1. Nicola Scott on DC's "Earth 2"!
  2. George Perez on DC's "Worlds' Finest"!
  3. Kevin Macguire on DC's "Worlds' Finest"!
  4. Michael Allred on Marvel's "FF"!
  5. Amanda Conner on DC's "Silk Spectre"!

& the winner is....................

Nicola Scott's splash page from "Earth 2" #1 speaks for it self..............sooooooooooo pretty! Beautiful & detailed & purposeful! 

Ann & Patti & Natasha & I would  to see you back after these messages! ツ*

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