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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ツ 2nd Annual Kara Awards!!!!!! ~ Favorite Movie!!!! ツ

Joining me to introduce Kara's Fav Movie for 20123 is the eternally handsome Mister Bruce Forsyth............Sir Bruce Forsyth! ;)

& the nominations are!
  1. "The Avengers"!
  2. "Chronicle"!
  3. "The Amazing Spider-Man"!
  4. "The Dark Knight Rises"!
  5. "Ghost Rider 2"!
& the winner is....................

A TIE!!!!!!!!!!! ;b

"The Dark Knight Rises" was not the best of Christopher Nolan's trilogy................but it was soooooooooooo good that I can not include it! Anne Hathaway was FABULOUS as Catwoman!! Gary Oldman has always been the BEST Commissioner James Gordon!!! & Joseph Gordon Lovett & Christian Bale are just yummie!!!! ;9

& Cillian Murphy as Doctor Jonathan Crane . . . is . . . incredible . . . AGAIN!!!!! ❤ HIM!!!!!! ;)
"The Avengers" has to be included! Every bit as fab as "The Dark Knight Rises" but much more of a guy movie..............it is just about possibly the best comic book movie ever made! & it would have been my fav above even "The Dark Knight Rises" if Marvel had let Joss leave in the Maria Hill framing sequence from the Blu Ray! These 2 scenes change the tone of the film & wrap it up even more perfectly than it is already!!!!!!!!!! 

We are almost there! ツ*


  1. OMG I adore Cillian Murphy! Also a huge Joseph Gordon Levitt fan since I was a little kid (and he also was). I loved all the nominated movies :). The Avengers was really well done, I've not seen that cut scene though.

  2. i haved <3ed cillian since batman begins! the scene where he asks rachel "have you seen my mask" gives me goose bumps! :)
    jgl is soooooo cute.........since 3rd rock from the sun! <3
    i cheated a little bit............i have not seen amazing spider-man or ghost rider *shhhhhhhh!!!!!!!* they can not be as good as avengers or dark knight! that is not possible! ;b